Cheap WordPress Hosting

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Building a new site on the WordPress platform is one of the expeditious and easiest ways to launch your new online or blog business. You can have several number of web hosting needs, depending on what type of project you wish to launch. 

Cheap WordPress Hosting

In this article, we will discuss cheap WordPress hosting, different options available, and how creating a website with WordPress can be best for your website requirements. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a type of content management system that allows the builders to create and design their own website. It can be used to create anything from a basic blog page to an e-commerce site to portfolio websites to business. 

This content management system means that it is constructed with elements shared and built by those who used it. There is a vast community of web designers that make and design several useful tools to help others to create a website on the WordPress platform, which they might be incapable of creating. 

Most of these tools mean plug-ins, which are built to help you with every essential aspect of your life, from basics to layout to the content creation. 

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting that is specially designed to function with the sites that are built using WordPress. Sites created on this platform include several unique features, which can generate malfunction issues if not appropriately optimized. It means the website could become unreachable, some specific elements might not load properly, or increased load time. 

When any of this happens, it is usual for the customers and readers to exit the website, which can cost you potential sales and valuable traffic. 

Shared Web Hosting For WordPress

For those who have a small budget, shared hosting is the best option to house your WordPress site. WordPress users share a single server, which is not optimized for the WordPress platform’s specific demands. 

With any kind of shared hosting, resources such as bandwidth and disk space are shared among all the accounts present on the server. These things can create competition for the resources that might reduce the load time and performance of the website. 

Technical Support for shared WordPress Hosting

As the shared web hosting comes with some basic customer technical support and a price that even the small businesses can afford, this kind of WordPress web hosting fails to fulfill the requirements of more complex and more significant operations. 

Websites built on WordPress are hosted in the shared environment, which also shares the server space with all other platforms created on other platforms. Due to this, technicians who offer support for the server are able to service the websites created on any platform, not only WordPress. So, this expertise can cause the quality of technical support to reduce noticeably. 

Also, there are numerous websites hosted on every shared server. When the package’s cost is low, the web host combines several clients on the same server space to earn a profit. Therefore, the technical support can become short in order to serve several clients that can have an adverse impact on the quality of their dealing. 

Those who require additional technical support, enhanced security features, and speed will have to look for something else to meet all their web hosting needs. 

Performance and Security for Shared WordPress Hosting

The lack of private space and shared nature of resources in a shared web hosting creates several challenges for both performance and security. 

It is difficult to provide security effectively on the same shared server, as several other sites have been hosted on that server. As there are several vulnerabilities for poor coding or malware to take root, a large number of malware scans should be performed to defend the system against them and remove them if they have taken hold. 

If any type of malware is released in the space occupied by several users, the infection can also affect other members in the shared web hosting environment. 

The same thing also impacts performance issues. When more than one website is shared on the same server, it starts to restrict resources because of traffic spikes; the adverse impact on the users can be seen as many WordPress users are hosted on a single server. 

When several websites get affected, it is the sole responsibility of the technician to fix all the related issues. With so many issues to fix, the performance can decrease due to an extended period of time. 

Those individuals that want to prioritize performance, strong technical support and enhanced security features on low costs might want to search elsewhere to meet all of their web hosting requirements.  

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting as compared to shared WordPress hosting, offers a lot more when it comes to security and technical support. They also provide superior performance and operating speed with a considerable amount of resources available to every client. 

Technical Support for Managed WordPress Hosting

As compared to the general tech support of shared hosting, the technical support you get with managed web hosting is a lot more in-depth and more readily available. 

The tech support of managed WordPress hosting is well-balanced in the WordPress platform, and therefore, it can assist in a vast range of topics than you receive on a shared web hosting package. 

As a managed web hosting server has fewer clients than the shared server, the work becomes more accessible for the tech support team to assist, because the users on the managed web servers can be easily reached than the shared servers. 

Performance and Speed for Managed WordPress Hosting

The managed web host offers significant upgrades in both performance and speed over their shared host analog. The direct competition for bandwidth and memory can cause a glitch to the websites on shared plans, and sometimes it becomes unavailable completely. 

With a managed web host, not only will the resources be allocated for every client’s individual use, but the technicians can also monitor performance and rectify the errors that might occur. 

As the support team always includes trained professionals, they are usually able to resolve any operational error more effectively than the average employee, which maximizes the overall performance and the uptime of the WordPress site. 

Security for Managed WordPress Hosting

For a managed web host, the server and website security measures are taken more seriously than the users that provide their own. Protective tools are specially optimized for the specific requirements of WordPress, which are taken into consideration for the unique needs of the WordPress web hosting platform. 

As all the servers in managed hosting are operating and running WordPress, all the security measures can be systematized to apply across the board. This thing helps the service providers to streamline their routine maintenance procedures and leaves their support team to focus more intensely on other security measures like installing upgrades or patches as soon as they are available.  

Essential Features that your WordPress Hosting Must Have

With the increased usage of WordPress, the demand of several web hosting services is at its peak. Building a website is one thing, and hosting a website is a totally different case. There are several things that require attention when hosting a WordPress website. 

Here is the list of features that must be included in a WordPress Hosting. All of these features will help you to manage the website more effectively. 

Website Statistics

The first feature is the website statistics. This specific feature is essential for you, as it provides you an insight about the traffic you have generated and all other critical demographics. Most of the Providers will offer you these for free, while others do not provide such information for free. They will cost you some money before providing this information. 

These statistics are essential to manage the WordPress website. This information usually includes how many SQL databases you have set up, the number of domains you have, the usage of disk space, and much more. 

The most reliable service provider is that, who provides this essential information without any type of fee. Some of the service providers do such cheap tricks to make money. So, you must have this feature included in your package to manage your website effectively. 

Bonus Advertising Credits

This is another fantastic feature, which most of the customers miss while buying new web hosting services. There are several web hosts that offer free advertising credit of up to $50. These credits become essential because you don’t have to assign another budget for advertising the website. 

These credits can also be utilized in Google and some other search engines to display your advertisement and gain potential traffic. Several service providers offer these credits on a recurring basis, while some offer it is an add-on incentive for registration. 

No matter what the case is, you can easily use them to expand your website’s reach and web traffic. Instead of the advertising credits, some of the web hosts provide you with a free submission of the site to any search engine to increase the traffic. 

So, select the WordPress hosting services carefully and enjoy free traffic for your website. 

Email Accounts and its Features

For any business website, email accounts are very essential. You have created a website with a specific domain name of your company. Now, you will surely want some email accounts with that particular domain name. There are numerous web hosting services that offer email accounts and help you ultimately to set it up. 

You just have to make sure that how many email accounts your web host is providing. Having professional email accounts with your business’s name can have a profound impact. 

Some of the service providers offer a limited number of email accounts. The perfect way to leverage this feature is to select a reliable service provider, which can provide you with the facility of unlimited email accounts.  

Unlimited Disk Space and High Traffic

Traffic and disk space is also very essential, as most of the individuals do not pay attention to traffic and space limits offered by the web hosting providers. 

The disk space is that area where you can store your WordPress database files and other essential information. As your website’s data increases, the data consumption will also increase, and you will need to buy more from the web hosts. 

Usually, this also happens with web traffic. If you are running a small business, then you may not be interested, but when we talk about web traffic, it is equally crucial. Some web hosts put a limiter over the traffic, so if the traffic crosses the value, the website will automatically stop responding. 

This is an excellent benefit if you are seeking for high traffic. You must always keep attention on the web traffic limit offered by the service provider. 

Most of the service providers usually offer traffic speed restriction and unlimited bandwidth. This again is a massive benefit for big websites. Always keep an eye on the traffic speed and bandwidth while choosing a service provider. 

High Website Uptime

Uptime is referred to at that time whenever a user opens the website without any issue. This concept works in two particular ways. If your site is not much big, then you will surely opt for shared hosting where you can never get 100 percent of uptime. Their average uptime is 98 percent.

And if your website is significant, then you might go for dedicated web hosting as it can give you a considerable amount of uptime. Mostly they guarantee 99.999 percent, and it represents the least downtime. 

So, uptime is an essential concept that makes a web host unique as per the user’s specifications. 

BelugaCDN: Cheap WordPress Hosting

BelugaCDN is an experienced hosting organization that can help you to manage your website without any additional stress. They also offer effective security measures to keep your content safe. This the platform you can rely on, so choose the package according to your hosting needs. You can also contact us online to find cheap WordPress hosting services.

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