Email hosting: A 360-degree overview

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What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is renting out email servers to a client. They are usually premium services; with benefits we will discuss in a while. It is a service which simply provides email accounts associated with specific domains. Usually all advanced web hosting packages offer free email hosting up to a number of email accounts. Some may give you different webmail options too or allow you to choose more advanced and user-friendly integration which supports different platforms. This techopedia article might give you a basic understanding about email hosting.

email hosting

Why do we need email hosting?

Ever wondered why do we need Email hosting when there are several free email providers out there?

This answer to this question is as simple as it can get. As a business owner we need to stand out from the lot. Of course, this is not only applicable to business literally, if you are an organization, an institution or any separate entity as long as it is not in any private capacity, you would wish for a dedicated email hosting. Some of the reasons to choose email hosting over free email providers can be:

  • Email hosting is more secured
  • Helps you stand out
  • Storage Space
  • Username is never ‘TAKEN’

Email hosting is more secured

This is not any statement made to win an argument, it actually makes sense. Free email providers, because of their volume is a paradise for hackers. Email hosting on the other hand has very limited volume which will only be vulnerable in targeting hacking, which obviously is something you have to think about.

Helps you stand out

While free email providers can’t promise an exclusive identity according to your profession, email hosting on the other hand achieves this by using your own exclusive domain name which clearly defines who you are.

Better customer support

While free email providers deal everybody equally, you won’t like it often. As a paying client in an email hosting scenario you would be able to take advantage of dedicated customer support in case of any technical issues.

Username is never ‘TAKEN’

What is the most annoying thing in a free email registration process? You probably have thought of a relevant username just to know it is already taken by someone. So, you repeat the process of thinking another email address and what if it is taken too? This may sound crazy to you but since the web is very saturated it actually happens. But never in the case of dedicated Email hosting.

How is email hosting different from web hosting?

It shouldn’t be very hard to understand, in fact it is exactly like the name suggests. Web hosting keeps website related data on a server while email hosting provides services to store and manage only email related data. It is understandable why some readers often mix these two different concepts; it is mainly because these services are often provided by the same provider and also because sometimes the naming conventions used by service providers are confusing.

We hope this article serves the purpose but the better part is yet to come. If you are confused which hosting does what and what service providers out there are reliable, we have just what you are looking for. The fastest and cheapest hosting solution with dedicated customer support to clear whatever confusions you have in mind and assist you in every step offered by BelugaCDN.

What to look for in an email hosting provider?

Typically, users just rush towards number of email addresses they are getting in case of small or medium sized business since each email address means an added burden on finances. But there is more to look for. There are plenty of email hosting providers out there but not everyone offers a user friendly, easily customizable webmail server and fast email hosting.

An email services holds your correspondence, so first thing you would wish is to keep it as safe as possible. Look for email hosting providers offering secured POP3, SMTP and IMAP messaging. The next thing would be number of email addresses and do they come with forwarders and auto responders. This could be a big help. Reliability and cost is another major decision parameter because no one likes if their email account takes long in synchronization and is too expensive at the same time.

To get the best combo we have narrowed out the best option for you in terms of speed, security and user friendliness.


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