Managed WordPress Hosting Container – The Ultimate Guide

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For any business to flourish online, business owners need to have different strategies for marketing, social media, hosting, content creation, and advertising, among many others. for anyone new to running an online business, these factors can be stressful and seem near impossible. One of the best ways to make the whole process manageable is by using managed WordPress hosting services.

 Just like many other people, you probably don’t understand why managed WordPress hosting is important for your online business. If you are still hesitant about investing in this service, here is everything you need to know about managed WordPress hosting.

What is managed website hosting?

Today, a large percentage of business websites are created on the WordPress platform. Because of this popularity of WordPress, some website hosting companies have invested resources to offer managed WordPress hosting container services to website owners.

Simply put, WordPress website hosting is a service where all aspects of managing a WordPress website are handled by the hosting company. This means that the hosting company you go for will handle issues related to security, data backup, scalability, and website uptime. Manages WordPress hosting is intended to offer a stress-free experience to you so that you can comfortably focus on other aspects of running your online business.

The best part about managed WordPress hosting is that it is a premium service that offers premium support. Your wardress performance needs will be handled by experts with years of experience in running online websites on the WordPress platform. This ensures your business website will always be at its best performance and that your company data is always secured.

Managed WordPress Hosting Container

Top 10 reasons to choose managed WordPress hosting

Regardless of the type of business you run online or your WordPress expertise, the success of any business can be boosted with managed WordPress hosting services.

You enjoy superior support

Superior support is one of the best features you get to enjoy with managed WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting experts have undergone extensive training and done a lot of research on WordPress website hosting. This makes them experts in this line of work, which ensures you get only the best support from the best.

The website is optimized for high performance

If you choose to go the DIY hosting route, you will need to spend most of your time installing and updating the managed WordPress hosting container software. You will also need to optimize the sites to ensure you enjoy the best speed to compete with other WordPress websites. Sometimes, DIY hosting projects force you to use shared hosts, which does not achieve the desired speeds. If you are looking for uptime and performance, going for a managed WordPress hosting service is the best choice for your business.

Most managed WordPress hosts make use of server-level caching or full-page caching. This will ensure you do not waste your valuable time trying to find the most reliable caching plugin, which can be a frustrating endeavor. It is important for you to deliver numerous assets for a cache when you have traffic surges. This will reduce the server load, and ensures pages load at lightning speed. This is only possible when you use a managed WordPress hosting service.

Data servers for global reach

Besides optimizing server-level performance, a managed WordPress hosting service provider offers an extensive infrastructure designed for a global reach. This is all thanks to the google cloud platform used by most managed WordPress hosts. You can choose to host your website or any of these cloud data centers. Strategically placing your website closer to your customers and web visitors decreases latency issues in your network, thus ensuring they enjoy faster page loads.

Network latency refers to the time it takes for data to be transmitted over a network. Longer distances increase the latency, which means your website is slower. For instance, if you run an online business that targets clients in the USA, your website should be hosted in the USA. When the site is hosted elsewhere, the visitor will experience a longer first-time page loading time. This can be reduced by hosting your website where your customers are.

Making use of a managed WordPress hosting container such as BelugaCDN can help to speed up site media. BelugaCDN interconnects the service over reliable Google cloud platforms premium tier networks. This minimizes distance, which makes data transport faster. This premium network delivers data 41% more quickly on average than standard tier networks.

Automatic backup service

One of the greatest threats for any online business is data loss. It is always a good idea to be prepared with the possibility of data loss, which calls for the need for a backup plan. Managed WordPress hosting services offer WordPress cloud hosting for your data as part of the comprehensive service. When using shared hosting services, backup is also included, but comes at an extra cost. On the other hand, a DIY project will require you to invest in VPS and come up with a backup system and VPS snapshots that can be expensive.

With managed WordPress hosting service, you get several backups for free with no additional backup setup needed. You can access your backed-up data from your hosting dashboard for easy restoring.

Testing is easier

Web hosting testing is a time consuming and complicated process that involves local site copying, testing, and migrating the changes. You cannot afford to have a website that isn’t working during a testing process. This is why testing should be carried out on a development site and not the production site. Most managed WordPress hosting providers have one-click staging environments dedicated to making the testing process easier and less time-consuming.

With one click staging service, you can clone your website easily. You can access this development site through a test URL and other methods, including FTP and SSH. You can push any changes made to the production site from the dashboard.

Manager WordPress hosting providers are developer-friendly

One of the best benefits of using a WordPress hosting manager is gaining access to additional developer-friendly features like COMPOSER, SSH access, Sequel Pro, HeidiSQL, and GIT. This is not a benefit you get when you use shared WordPress hosting services. You can set up these additional features when using DIY VPS hosting, even though it requires additional work.

With a reliable WordPress hosting manager, you can access SSH information and any of the other developer features through the dashboard.

Guaranteed security

When using shared hosting services or DIY VPS hosting, you do not get assistance when your website is hacked or infected by malware, as security is not part of the service. BelugaCDN Managed WordPress hosting container comes with security support to protect your website from hackers, and to offer solutions in case of hacking.

The best WordPress hosting service implements passive measures to track and stop malicious attacks before they take place. They use software that checks for DDoS attacks and hardware firewalls to protect your site.


Unlike other hosting services where you need to upgrade a plan when your website needs outgrow the current plan, managed WordPress hosting services adjust to meet your site’s needs. Whenever your website’s needs surpass your pre-defines limits, the service provider notifies you and allows for a quick upgrade. This automatic scalability feature is made possible with the use of google computer engine servers. This allows any managed WordPress hosting container to scale as many CPUs as it needs to accommodate a traffic surge.

WordPress hosting managers make use of isolation software container technology that automatically allocates hardware resources to each site container through the use of virtual machines as needed. This way, there are no resources shared between sites. This results in a private and secure configuration that allows server resources to scale up or down based on the demands of the website.

Enjoy premium DNS

DNS servers do the mapping for website searches. For the fastest DNS service, you need to find the most reliable DNS server. You need to use a fast DNS server for your WordPress site as it improves the lookup time. For the best WordPress hosting services, you must make use of the best DNS provider. When using DIY VPS or shared hosting, you will need to sign up for premium DNS services. The best DNS services come from Amazon, DNS Made Easy, Cloudflare, and Dyn.

Automatic setup

Managed WordPress hosting services allow you to set up a new WordPress site in seconds easily. It works fast to create a new site and completed the installation process, including any new database connections. All it takes is for you to fill a form with the site details and admin details. All this is available on the dashboard of your manager.

Managed WordPress hosting service providers Recommendations

WP Engine

This is one of the largest WordPress hosting companies and was initially funded by Automattic, which owns WordPress.com. With increased funding over the years, this has grown to become one of the largest and most reliable WordPress hosting services. The services are charged monthly, and it offers three plans to choose from.


This is an affiliate hosting service managed by WP Engine. This hosting service is ideal for entry-level websites that want to try their hand on hosting services. It offers the users a load of features, including free site migrations and impressive performance with its state-of-the-art dashboards. While they are affordable, the service only allows 5000 website visits per month for their cheapest plan.


This is the largest WordPress hosting service in Europe. They continue to be at the forefront when it comes to the latest hosting technology with an infrastructure built on google cloud. They offer high-end WordPress hosting services, which makes them slightly expensive than other plans. Even so, this is a highly reliable service provider who puts the interest of their clients first.


Visa, Comcast, Disney, and Booking.com are some of the clients working with PAGELY. Scalability is one of their best features. However, they are a bit expensive, making them unsuitable for small businesses or businesses new to WordPress hosting on a budget. With their plans, you will not have to keep track of your monthly visitors since their billing method of not dependent on this factor.

BelugaCDN – The best Managed WordPress Hosting service

The success of any online business depends on the speed of the website. The best-managed WordPress hosting service will use the best CDN without allowing the client to feel the cost impact on the prices of the services.

The BelugaCDN hosting service is the fastest and most powerful hosting service. The best part is that it is offered at an affordable rate when compared to other hosting services. It has been tested and proven to beat GoDaddy in price and technology. BelugaCDN works in the same way as Stackpath or Amazon CloudFront by leveraging the power of cloud computing to accelerate the delivery of site content like videos and images.

With speed, you improve the performance of your site, which, in turn, boosts service delivery to your customers. This is the best way to grow an online business on WordPress steadily.

The bottom line

If you run your business on the WordPress platform, the best thing you can do is move to managed WordPress hosting services. This is a better choice than VPS, shared, or bare metal methods of managing your site. If for nothing else, you should consider managed WordPress services to boost the performance of your website.

With a fast WordPress website, you improve the chances of more conversion, which improves the bottom line of your business. A quicker website means that you improve the customer experience and, by extension, customer satisfaction. WordPress hosting also has numerous SEO benefits you can take advantage of.

Using managed WordPress hosting services gives your website a better environment to thrive and take advantage of different tools and features to handle surges in traffic. WordPress hosting is the only way to have peace of mind knowing your site is working exactly as it should. While managed hosting may be slightly expensive than other options like shared hosting, the benefits outweigh the cost of the service.

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