Podcast Hosting

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What is podcast hosting service?

A podcast host is where you store and upload podcast files. Think about listening to your podcast stream through any app like Spotify, iTunes etc. While these are just directories and not podcast hosting solutions, there are back end hosting solutions which keeps all podcast files and data integrated with these directories which eventually works together when a user tries to listen or download a published podcast content.

Podcast Hosting

A website hosting service primarily hosts all your files or media so that it can serve a visitor whenever needed. The companies out there providing media hosting services are referred to podcast hosting providers.

How does podcast hosting works?

  • Feeds
  • Publish
  • Distribute
  • Host

Feeds: We are assuming you are familiar with podcast directories is Apple, Google Play or Spotify. Podcasts have RSS feeds that are submitted to these directories. RSS feed then distributes your podcast to these directories and subscribers. RSS feeds are usually created by a podcast host provider or by a plugin on your website. No matter how RSS feeds are created, the point to note here is that every podcast has its own RSS feed.

Publish: When you have to publish a podcast episode, what you do is upload an mp3 file to your podcast hosting or post on your website.

Distribute: Once your podcast is published, RSS feeds automatically distributes your podcast media to all the directories and sends a notification to subscribers that a new podcast has been published.

Host: Now that your podcast is live and published what would happen if someone click or plays it? Just like what happens in any web hosting. The podcast hosting pulls out the selected file and makes it available for listening or downloading.

You can say podcast hosting is a warehouse which keeps all your podcast files and extracts it when someone tries to access it.

Where to Host your Podcast?

If you are looking for podcast hosting service, you should keep in mind there are two ways you can host your podcasts.

1.            Host your podcast files (usually audio)

2.            Host your entire website

Case 1 is more flexible in terms of publishing and control where you will be publishing audio files on your hosting service, and audio players, show notes on your own website. Do read convertkit article on publishing podcast, it will give you insights on dos and donts.

What factors to look for in the Best Podcast Hosting Service

To keep it simple, you work hard creating a podcast and publishing it. So, you need a host you can trust in terms of speed so that your listeners listen to your podcasts seamlessly and availability so that listeners can listen to it anytime they wish to.

So, if we have to tell 3 most important factors to look in a podcast hosting service, that will be

1.            Flexibility: While choosing the right hosting plan you always have to keep in mind what will happen if your traffic/audience grows? Expandability or flexibility is crucial when you have to plan ahead.

2.            Dependability: Search for a hosting provider who is reliable and has a good reputation. For a business that is solely dependent on online audience must give some time to research. We will also recommend a great hosting partner at the end.

3.            Affordability: Cost is one of the most important factors while choosing hosting. You need one that is fast, reliable and cost effective too.

Voice is the new king. People are always on the go. Voice assistants are getting popular and smarter every day. So, the need of podcast content is also in demand. Newer podcast hosting solutions are feature loaded with all the modern needs like monetization, analytics and customization.

Best Podcast Hosting Service

While your host is only the place you will be uploading your audio files for your podcast, it is still not a great idea to host it yourself if you have little or no technical knowledge. There are so many reasons why we should use a podcast hosting provider and not do it on our own. There can be serious CMS (Content Management System) or stability issues which can be very complex to handle.

It is always better to seek a professional hosting provider like BelugaCDN to manage all your hosting needs. Its not only the fasted CDN built-in hosting provider but also has the most competitive plans.


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