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What does a web hosting company actually do?

Well, a web hosting company does in virtual world what a real estate company does in real life. Got what you were looking for? Let me get this straight and save you from the trouble of thinking too much. Imagine what a real estate agent does when someone approaches them to buy some land. He asks your requirements; like how much area you are looking for, what community services do you prefer and a few other essential things just to know your priorities.

web hosting company

The exact same thing happens in case of a web hosting company. Before buying web hosting, you need to think of your requirements and priorities, not to mention cost. The features you want, like security, speed, storage space, bandwidth all accumulate together in the form of plan or packages. We will recommend the most economical and flexible plans according to you needs later in this article.

To summarize it, a web hosting company helps you acquire virtual space according to your needs taking care of your business requirements.

Now, anyone may ask, why exactly do we need a virtual space? It should not be that hard to understand. Let us get it this way, a virtual space is a stepping stone into an online world. Even if our business is not solely operating online, it is necessary to have an online presence to let the world know you exist.

And when someone say exist in online context, we need to keep in mind it is in the form of a website or webpage. And to place a website on the internet, you need web hosting, and who does that? Yes, a website hosting company.

This objectiveinc blog will make understanding easier for you, if I haven’t been able to do it. Give it a read.

Services offered by a web hosting providers?

A website hosting company specializes in getting virtual space on the internet servers. But that is not all they provide. When we talk about space, we automatically assume there are certain other things that need to be accompanied, for example, security or speed.

We will now have a look on what services a web hosting company offers and the hosting services you should be more concerned about. We will recommend the best web hosting company at the end. So, before we reach out to buy a hosting plan from a web hosting company, we need to ask them about few essentials

  • Uptime
  • Publish
  • Storage Space
  • Cost

  1. Load Time: This particular feature is just too important to neglect. Load time may actually decide if your visitors would like to stick to your website or not. And it speaks volumes about web hosting if they cannot guarantee a decent load time. Apart from visitor’s perspective, load time also plays a key role telling web crawlers we are worth it. Your website or webpage should appear in search results in top ranking and load time plays an important role achieving that.

2.     Uptime: Another important factor which determines if you are saving money where it should be saved or just too afraid to spend a little more to build your online reputation. You need to make sure you have not purchased plan from a third-grade website hosting company which disappoints your visitors. Hosting is done on servers, and if these servers are not responsive at least 90% of the time they are accessed, then you need to re-think about your decision to get this type of web hosting.

3.       Storage Space: Unlike the previous features, this one entirely depends on your need. Every business website has its own requirements and most of the website hosting companies out there has flexible plans for beginners and long timers. If someone has to get their portfolio published, they might not need too much extra storage space, but if you have a content rich website with too much user activity, you might need a bit extra.

4.      Cost: Now comes the king of decision makers. In time like these, where website hosting is a very competitive market, it eventually comes don to cost. Of course, anyone would want to have it all under their budget. We will suggest the best web hosting company which is unbeatable in speed because of its built-in CDN and undoubtedly the best budget friendly option out there.

This is not all, but definitely the most important checklist you need to work on before getting a website hosting plan.

Now we will suggest you look for all these attributes and add some more according to your specific requirements, but after you search website hosting market, we want you to have a look at BelugaCDN website hosting plans. It is unbeatable in speed and pricing. Have a look and feel free to compare with the most popular web hosting company out there.


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