Customer Spotlight Pokellector
15 Dec

Customer Spotlight: Pokellector.com

In today’s on-demand world, page speed matters. The difference between your page loading now and 3 seconds from now correlates directly with a visitor’s decision to interact with your page, sign up for an account, make a purchase from your store, or leave and never return. Implementing a high-performance IPv6 Content Delivery Network (CDN) is

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Website Performance
14 Oct

Is Your Website Ready for the Holiday Traffic Rush?

If there’s one activity that people from all over the globe enjoy doing than most any other, it’s shopping. With the busiest shopping season approaching, you need to make sure your website is using tech like CDN, SSL and load-balancing, to make the most out of the holiday boom. This year, it is projected that

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30 Sep

CDN IPv6: Why Your CDN should have IPv6

IPv6 is a topic coming up more often nowadays, and rightfully so. By 2020, the number of connected devices worldwide is expected to reach 50 billion. Every car, house, and person will be connected on a global scale. To achieve this smart, interconnected vision of future, we need an infrastructure capable of supporting billions of

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15 Sep


KNOW ALL ABOUT HTTPS CDN, SSL/TLS CDN With around 40% of the world’s population being connected to the Internet, a single viral link can bring down the entire informational infrastructure of a company. Large, multinational organizations have the resources required to build complex webs of servers spanning multiple continents, to cope with the sudden surge

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