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Best CDN Service for Your Money

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a proven way to boost the website's overall performance and attract new audiences worldwide. However, to get the most out of this service, you need to acquire the best CDN service provider. But what is CDN, and how does it work?

Beluga CDN knows all the answers! Keep reading if you want to learn about CDN and its benefits for website owners.

In addition to that, we will tell you what to look out for in a CDN provider. This way, you will surely find a fitting company to take care of your portal!

What is CDN?

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Content Delivery Network is a service whose primary purpose is to reduce latency and optimize websites' performance. It's a system of edge servers (also known as Points of Presence or edge nodes) located in different regions (or continents). How does it work? Usually, when a user wants to visit a portal, his or her browser receives data straight from the primary server (where a website is hosted). However, if the central server is located in Virginia or Washington, visitors from Europe will have to wait longer for a page to load. And that's where CDN shines best. This type of service uses a network of edge servers to store copies of data from a website. Said data is then compressed, optimized, and distributed to users who reside close to one of the PoPs.

How to Choose the Best CDN Provider?

As we already mentioned, it’s essential to find the right vendor to get the most out of this service. Want to know how to identify the best CDN service? Then, proceed further.

Global reach

Are you looking to attract international audiences? Then, you need to grab a CDN provider with the highest number of edge servers. That way, you will reduce latency and time to the first byte (TTFB) for users worldwide.

How does that affect your website? According to statistics, an average visitor expects a page to load in under 4 seconds. If you have a content-heavy website, you risk losing a part of your audience due to poor performance.

Therefore, getting the best CDN solution can improve your site’s popularity and user retention rate.

Moreover, you must factor the allocation of the PoPs. For example, Beluga CDN has 37 edge nodes strategically located on 5 continents. With us as your provider, you can expect to boost your portal's speed with cheap CDN.


The next thing to account for is the pricing. We wouldn’t say that you should specifically look for cheap CDN.

Instead, we recommend getting a flexible provider with a wide variety of options. Most importantly, try to get a Content Delivery Network solution that allows you to scale the tariff on the go.


Before signing up, you might want to look into the guaranteed uptime. The less unexpected downtime there is, the more profit you can expect to get out of your website.

Support service

In the world of cloud services, something will always go wrong. So, a CDN company must offer an excellent help desk and support.

Also, a proper provider will do all the hard work configuring a CDN service for you. For instance, BelugaCDN can set up the service and accelerate your website's speed in a matter of minutes after signing up!

Free CDN trial

There is a 100% way to make sure that you are getting the best CDN for your portal. It’s easy – get a provider that offers free CDN tiers or trial. Alternatively, you check what other clients say about a particular company.

Multi CDN or Standard CDN?

Some larger companies or content-heavy portals might want to look into multi CDN providers. You might have heard about it before, but what is it?

Basically, multi CDN service is an association of multiple CDN providers that combine their PoPs into one massive network. It's the best possible CDN solution if you want to maximize a site's speed and reliability, as well as attract users from over the globe. However, it comes with a high price tag.

Accelerate Your Website with BelugaCDN

Now, you should know what to expect from the Content Delivery Network and know how to find the best CDN provider for your website.

If you are looking for a reliable and cheap CDN company – you should point your attention to BelugaCDN. We are among the fastest providers with flexible, scalable solutions that can meet the needs of any website owner.

Why not try our services at no cost? Just get our free 30-day trial and see why we are one of the best CDN providers out there!

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