Free web hosting – Trap or reality?

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Unwinding the title

Website hosting covers all the aspects of your website deployment. Now think if it is that important, does the term free web hosting make sense? Surprisingly, it does. Website hosting comes with plenty of features to tackle the hurdles of online world. Free web hosting, on the other hand, may not be feature bulky or offer a premium service but it may be useful for an initial kick off in some cases. Website hosting has its own requirements which may vary from user to user. These requirements may be feature specific or, for startups and very small businesses, cost specific.

Free web hosting

How important is website hosting?

Website hosting is something you should invest on if you can. If you want to save yourself from too much extra spending, cheap hosting and free web hosting may be sufficient for you. Your website is like a virtual business storefront, and a good website hosting changes everything. When I say good, I do not imply costly website hosting. Some free web hosting services are so efficient that they are really giving a hard time to premium website hosting services out there.

Why do I think a good website hosting is essential? It is very clear from someone’s intention of choosing a website hosting service in the first place that they wish to enter the lucrative online world, generally speaking. Premium web hosting and free web hosting has at least one thing in common, and that is serving the basic purpose of conveying your message to the world. So, for something which holds such a prestigious position in your business identity, it is at least worth some research. And we will surely recommend you the best website hosting company out there. Just stick to the end of this article.

Readers often get confused with domain and website hosting, do give this wpbeginner.com article a read for better understanding.

Is free web hosting worth it?

Why would not it be? The question we need to ask ourselves is what are the things we are most sensitive about. Free web hosting might serve your needs in a better way. If you just need a kick start or you are in the very beginning of your business endeavor then free web hosting may prove to be a better choice for you.

Free web hosting is made possible due to Virtual Private Networks or VPNs. The server is hosting multiple websites by using VPN extensions. It has some advantages and disadvantages, but again the pros and cons are established according to specific needs. But generally, let us explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting.


  1. Maybe the only advantage of free web hosting is the fact that it is free. Cost can be a decision maker for many websites out there. Not every website belongs to an earning business, there are portfolios, NGOs, causes websites and more of the sort who do not want to spend an extra buck. Free web hosting can be a hassle-free option if you do not have resources to keep a track of monthly subscriptions too. Though it may seem a very little advantage, this is a point of concern for so many businesses.


There are more disadvantages but again, maybe none of them concerns you. It all depends on specific requirements.

Customer Support
Usually in a free web hosting, there is no customer support. Which means if you stuck in a techy problem you have to find a way out yourself. If you have an in-house tech team or you are too techy yourself, it might not worry you.

● Advertisements
This can be a problem for some of us. You might not worry from the fact that your website has ad banners which are promoting other businesses too. One of the reasons to switch to premium website hosting is annoying ad banners all over your website.
Speed and Bandwidth
For free web hosting you have to compromise on speed. If you think you can deal with it then go ahead and get your free web hosting now. But businesses who grow needs a good amount of bandwidth and speed to look out for their traffic. This can be a serious problem and can be a decision maker in choosing premium website hosting over free web hosting.

We have to think objectively before choosing the right website hosting for ourselves. But whatever our requirements are, one thing is very clear that everybody needs cheap but fastest website hosting. In that case do check out BelugaCDN website hosting plans. It is the world’s fastest and cheapest website hosting provider. Check out BelugaCDN website hosting plans NOW!