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Complete guide on how to choose the best web hosting service:

Web Hosting – In a nutshell

It is the physical location of your web page, or website on the internet. This contains all your information that may be in the form of pictures, graphical illustrations, written content or databases that collectively forms your website data. To give you a real world relation to understand web hosting concept in a better way, imagine you are planning to construct a house. The first step is to find a sweet spot where you will start construction. Once you find the right spot, you are going to reserve it by paying for that. Now that spot is basically what we call in a web world as hosting and your house address so that others can find you is your domain. Pretty simple right? Although domains and hosting are two different services but they cannot work alone. You need both of them to make your website possible. There are plenty of host service providers out there but we will discuss about the best one at the end.

Web Hosting

Measuring Web Hosting

Your website resides on the internet, server to be exact. So, it makes sense if I tell you web hosting is measured by the disk space you occupy on that server and the bandwidth since you and your visitors continuously need to interact with each other. Visitors may interact in the form of accessing your content while you interact with them by providing that content in the first place. There is no as such ideal disk space or bandwidth which generally incorporates all kind of traffic on the websites, it varies according to individual requirements. If your interaction with visitors is primarily in the form of written text you might not need huge bandwidth, similarly if volume of your website visitors does not exceed a certain number in a certain time you might as well do not require large disk space too.

So basically, web hosting is getting a virtual space through a host service provider that allows anyone to place their website on the internet and the cost of that space is determined on the amount of space you are getting and of course the bandwidth you require.

Before paying for any web hosting service you need to make sure it does not only fulfill your needs, but it is also cost effective and provides a very responsive technical support. If you want to learn more about webhosting features and checklist, this website.com article might be useful for you.

How to choose the best web hosting service provider?

The decision to get a specific web hosting service might be easy if you are clear about your requirements. For beginners its fairly simple to determine the nature of traffic they are targeting and how much expansion they are expecting in the near future, don’t forget the content that is being served on your website. The nature of content on your website is the key factor. For example an e-commerce store has a rich content which may include promo videos, product pictures, reviews and a bulky shopping cart. On the other hand, a portfolio usually has a few still pictures and some written content or past projects which are not a burden on servers.

Once you have clear requirements, The checklist becomes simpler but there are always few generic parameters you have to check before choosing a right host service provider to cater your hosting needs.

  • How much storage space is your host service provider offering?
  • Do they offer professional support?
  • Uptime is one of the most important factors
  • Your data is sacred, does your hosting provider ensure data security?

There are plenty of host service providers out there but since it is never easy to pick the best web hosting so we will definitely recommend you a feature loaded, secured and comparatively cheaper service provider to you.

BelugaCDN: relatively cheap and extremely secured web hosting

  • Bandwidth
  • Security
  • Database

BelugaCDN web hosting is not only cheaper than its competitors, it is also one of the most technologically advanced service providers currently available. The basic package lets you host 3 websites as compared to 1 for other hosting services. Which means it is super scalable and a hassle free option for your future projects too. Why is it the best web host service provider?

Bandwidth: Unmetered bandwidth throughout. Now you don’t have to force upgrade if you exceed your plan. Bandwidth can be crucial if you feel your web traffic is increasing or you change your content delivery strategy but still don’t want to compromise fast web hosting.

Security: Now even the big names in hosting industry would not give you free SSL certifications or bot prevention. BelugaCDN hosting ensures your threats are not only your problem. In the basic package it makes sure client do not need to worry about bot prevention, blacklisted Ips or anomaly detection.

Database: Database is usually an important factor when thinking about scalability. And again, BelugaCDN is offering up to 3x databases as compared to others in the market. This helps a lot when you plan on taking your game to the next level without worrying about the cost and your initial purchased plan.

So don’t wait up! You are well familiar with the best host service provider now. Just have a look at the packages and choose the right one for you at undoubtedly the best price plan out there. Click on the following link to get started