cache server
29 Jul

Cache server – The Definitive Guide

What is a cache server? A cache server also referred to as a cache engine, is a type of network service that saves internet content and web pages locally. This is done by placing information that was previously requested online in temporary storage called cache. A cache server speeds up access to web information while

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what is ip address
28 Jul

What is IP Address?

If you use a computer, then you have an Internet Protocol (IP) address. You may not have thought twice about it and you will not be alone in this. Millions of computer use globally pay little mind to their IP addresses, also known as internet addresses.  Internet Protocol is the set of rules that dictate

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27 Jul

Ultimate Guide To CDNJS- What It Does for Your Website

Web dependencies or libraries such as jQuery, Vue, bootstrap, underscore, Dojo, font-awesome, and others have become pretty much a part of the modern web. To make loading of these many assets, libraries, and dependencies easier and faster on the client’s browsers, most developers turn to services such as CDNJS and others. CDNJS: The Fastest JavaScript

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Origin Server
25 Jul

A Comprehensive Definition of an Origin Server and its Functions

An origin server is a computer that runs programs designed to pick up and process any incoming requests from internet users. The origin server holds the original web page, and the term differentiates the web cache from the web server. Digital copies are identical, so there is no way to distinguish between a digital copy

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