Is CDN Necessary: How Does It Helpful for Website Performance?

Is CDN Necessary

Everything and everyone is online now. If you run a business, it’s important that your brand is just as strong in the digital space as it is in real life. The more engaging and consistent your content is, the easier it will be for your business to sustain customer retention. It goes without saying that the sloppier your website performs, the higher your chances of losing sales; especially when the bulk of your enterprise is web-dependent. This is where Content Delivery Networks (CDN) come in.

What are they and is CDN really necessary?

This article aims to answer just that and so much more.

First off, it’s important to understand that a website’s loading speed could be reliant on where a user is. The truth is, lots of work happens behind the scenes just so your website efficiently delivers the content you produce for your site visitors. But even when your website already makes use of the best hosting and even when you put lots of effort into building your SEO, it’s still likely for you not get the results you want. Gaining traffic is good, but gaining traffic while delivering a premium digital experience is even better.

This is where CDN enters the picture.

For starters, CDN impacts not just website speed, but also security and overall success. Know that for many businesses, the digital space is just as strong an avenue as physical retail stores and shops; of course, that’s if your business has one. If you operate entirely online, all the more should you pour your efforts in fortifying your market reach. The more people have access to your site, the better your potential ROI will be; and the better performing your site is, the more frequent your visitors keep coming back.

Why Is CDN Necessary for your Website?

Before we answer jump right into answering the question, let’s define what it is and what it does to those who aren’t well acquainted with the technology just yet. A CDN is a group of servers scattered in many parts of the world to efficiently distribute website content to users all around the globe. Sites that are supported by a CDN enable their users to enjoy a premium digital experience by reducing load time.

Because a request doesn’t necessarily travel as far as a user’s location to the origin host all the time anymore, these sites load a lot quicker. For instance, a user who lives in the Philippines may frequent a site that’s supported by a Sydney-based web host. If this website has a CDN somewhere close to the Philippines, the user is granted access to the site from his or her edge server (the lowest server to his or location) and the request no longer has to go all the way to Sydney to get a response.

That said, is it necessary? The direct answer is no—at least not all the time.

Things you can consider when you ask the question, “is CDN necessary?”

Is your site growing rapidly?

Regular servers have difficulty handling traffic spikes. CDNs counter this because hey can evenly distribute the traffic.

Are static content and huge files impacting your site?

Things that involve CSS, large images, scripts, and other heavy elements can all contribute to latency. This proves to be very true to websites that contain plenty of videos and pictures. If you run a news site or an e-commerce business, a CDN can smoothen the whole process for your brand. Other businesses such as travel agencies, financial institutions, and government groups also find CDNs to be extra helpful.

Do you have a growing worldwide audience?

If you’re noticing more users visiting your site from different countries—or maybe even just one—it could be time to work with a CDN provider.

Conclusion: Is CDN Necessary or Not?

All in all, a CDN is crucial to the success of your site. Hopefully, this article has helped shed light on how to grow your site and expand your market. If you’re still not sure whether or not it’s time to work with a provider, look around and search for what CDNs your contemporaries are using. Read on customer reviews and read about the impact a CDN has had on their enterprise. It’s also helpful to know that CDN providers have different strengths. You will find that other providers will have more global servers than others, while some will also offer better bandwidth deals.

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