BelugaCDN works similar to Amazon CloudFront or Stackpath, allowing you to accelerate the delivery of your site’s content (images, videos, etc) by leveraging the power of a global cloud.

But does it for 1/4th the cost!

BelugaCDN is a cheap CDN for simple and affordable global content delivery. Why should you pay our competitors’ prices?


BelugaCDN will deliver your content faster to everyone, on any device.


We leveraged new technologies and over 15 years experience operating high-performance networks to create an optimized CDN product with an astonishing low price.


The cheapest CDN with simple month-to-month payment, and the ability to cancel at any time!

Belugacdn New Icon Ultimate CDN HOSTING Like No Other

As website users become more impatient , speed it everything. Never lose customers again from poor website loading times! Beluga offers the only web hosting plan with Secure CDN Built-in Cloud Hosting for $2.79 a month!

Why Beluga Hosting and what is CDN hosting?

Beluga not only offers premium, upgraded features at the price point of a basic plan, it also offers the technology to deliver accelerated content to anyone viewing your website. This built in CDN could be the difference you need to hold the attention of a potential lead or buyer.

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Beluga Hosting Features View all features
CDN built in hosting
Host an Unlimited number of websites!
Unmetered disk space and bandwidth
Real Time Threat and Breach Protection
Automatic Malware Removal + Continuous Malware & Hack Scanning
Free SSL Certificate
Get CDN HOSTING For 2.79 a month

* Beluga and Monster beluga plans only

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Cheap CDN Providers

Beluga CDN



Bunny CDN

Cloud Front

CDN 77
Bandwidth (low volume) $0.01 per GB
$0.03 per GB
$0.12 per GB
(APAC / LATAM additional)
$0.01 per GB
(APAC / LATAM additional)
$0.085 per GB
(APAC / LATAM additional)
$0.049 per GB
(APAC / LATAM additional)
Dynamic content delivery Yes Partially Yes No Yes No
Small file delivery No No No No No No
Large file delivery Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Video Yes Partially Yes No Yes Yes
Video on demand Yes Yes Yes Partial Yes Yes
Anti-DDoS Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Private CDN Yes No Yes No No Yes
Ingress costs None Unknown Same rates as CDN-to-calient traffic None $0.02 - $0.16 per GB (free if origin is AWS) None
Apex / root domain OK Yes No Yes No Partially Only if used together with AWS Route53 No
HTTP/2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
IPv6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Partial
Compression Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Origin pull - Host header Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Origin shield Extra costs Yes Yes Extra costs in private beta testing No Yes
Push / upload Extra costs Extra costs No Extra costs No Extra costs
Serve stale CDN Guide: Serve state Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Purge CDN Guide: Purge Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Purge by regex Yes No No No No No
Purge all Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Purge by directory Yes No Yes No Yes No
Analytics Realtime Realtime Realtime Delayed Delayed Delayed
Log files Extra costs Extra costs Yes Yes Partial (only delivered to S3) Extra Costs
API Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTTPS & Content Protection BelugaCDN StackPath Fastly BunnyCDN CloudFront CDN77
CDN domain HTTPS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer domain HTTPS Yes Yes Extra costs Yes No Extra costs
Customer cert HTTPS Yes Yes Extra costs Yes Yes Yes
Token authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Geo blocking Yes Yes Yes Partial Yes Yes
Hotlink protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Extra costs Yes
IP white / blacklisting Yes Yes Yes Yes Extra costs Yes
Documentation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support offered by humans Yes Yes Yes Yes Extra costs Yes
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$213 $150 $218 $200 $250
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Get all of these features for 1/4 the cost of our competitors!
IPv6 Network

Deliver 20-40% faster with our DUAL STACK network.

BelugaCDN Sonar

Real-time traffic statistics provide up-to-the-second insights.

Intuitive User Interface

Set up and manage your properties with ease.

Instant PurginG

Remove specified content from every edge location in one click.


A myriad of TOOLS to help secure and protect your content.


Advanced settings, fine control, and automation via RESTful API.

  • $0.01/GB Or Less
  • Built-in DDoS & Website Protection
  • Free Enterprise-Grade Features
  • No Long-Term Contracts
New to CDN? Read our 5-minute crash-course!

You pay 1¢ (or less!) for every Gigabyte of data accelerated over our cloud network.

You are billed for a calendar month’s usage at the end of each month.

No! CDN compliments your existing hosting and makes it faster!

BelugaCDN offers you transparent and Cheap CDN pricing. If you exceed 5k requests per GB transferred (most users won't), an overage fee is assessed.

Use the Token Auth feature to only let in those visitors who have access.

Yes! The UI has a built-in guide, plus additional resources in our Documentation.

Basic support is included for all accounts. Platinum accounts receive priority.

28 global POPs and 9 SuperPOPs (See Map).