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BelugaCDN works similar to Amazon CloudFront or MaxCDN, allowing you to accelerate the delivery of your site’s content (images, videos, etc) by leveraging the power of a global cloud.

But does it for 1/2 the cost.

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Most companies charge an arm & a leg for CDN. We just want to make the web faster. That’s why we developed a robust cloud network solution that is reliable and affordable. Anyone from bloggers to developers can accelerate their sites & applications, and join the revolution to make the web faster!

Simple pricing, simple setup, no contracts, no monthly commitments.
1¢ per GB transferred. Thats it!

Why BelugaCDN?


BelugaCDN Logo $0.01 /GB
Aws Cloud Front $0.085-$0.02 /GB
MaxCDN $0.06-$0.02 /GB
MS Azure $0.087-$0.025 /GB
Google $0.08-$0.02 /GB

* if you need more than 1PB of traffic per month, contact us for special pricing!


IPv6 Network


Deliver 20-40% faster with our dual-stack network.

Real-time Statistics

Speed Gauge

Gain valuable insight into where your traffic is going.

Intuitive User Interface

Mix Panel

Set up and manage your properties with ease.

Instant Purging

Trash Can

Remove specified content from every edge location in one click.



Developer API


Automate events & build your application on top of our platform.


You pay 1¢ for every Gigabyte of data accelerated over our cloud network.
You are billed for a calendar month’s usage at the end of each month.
No! CDN compliments your existing hosting and makes it faster!
Use the Token Auth feature to only let in those visitors who have access.
Yes! The UI has a built-in guide, plus additional resources in our Documentation.
Basic support is included for all accounts. Platinum accounts receive priority.
28 global POPs and 9 SuperPOPs (See Map).

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