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If a picture paints a thousand words, then a logo should paint billions. Creatives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders know all too well how much brand assets and elements are worth today. The capacity to be differentiated from your competitors by your market is an opportunity people are willing to pay for. This is also why, in the digital space, the phrase ‘CDN logo’ has been searched multiple times. Developers and business moguls alike are making sure their logos load accurately and consistently across all digital platforms and mediums.

For this article, we’re breaking down what CDN logo is, how a CDN checker tool can help you with your content delivery efforts, and what to look for when defining the best CDN.

What is 'CDN logo' and why does it matter?

If you didn’t already know, CDN logo isn’t an actual piece of technology, nor is it an app of some sort. In fact, the phrase CDN logo is composed of two things: Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and, well, the word ‘logo.’

But why is this a search phrase and what’s the big deal?

To begin, CDNs are a cluster of servers distributed in many parts of the globe. These servers, on the other hand, make it easier for users from around the planet to obtain web content by obtaining web data, not from the site’s origin host, but their edge server; meaning the server nearest them. In other words, users who access websites and apps that don’t have CDNs to back them up obtain a site’s web content from the host origin. And this could spell trouble in the speed and security.

Before everything else, know that sites and apps have origin hosts. Meaning the core ‘device,’ to put simply, where your web data is being distributed from. If you don’t have a CDN, all of your users—every single one of them—will have to obtain web data from the origin host. This may not be a problem for people who live proximally closer to where the origin host is. If your origin is based in Texas, then users from Arkansas, Louisiana, and maybe even Utah will not have problems with loading your web pages. But if you have users from Stockholm or Perth or Singapore, the speed in which your web pages load could be much slower than those who live near your origin. This is what CDNs aim to eliminate. CDNs reduce latency because the server’s providers deploy become in charge of transmitting your web data. Hence, these servers’ cache and store whatever your website has.

Furthermore, the word ‘logo’ is very self-explanatory. Every business and brand logos. And anyone who understands the least bit of marketing and advertising knows it’s crucial for logos to appear correctly and precisely on different mediums, whether they be tablets or PCs.

That being said, the search phrase ‘CDN logo’ exists to make sure these logos are accurately represented wherever they appear. No matter how simple a web page or a homepage of an app looks like, you can already bet developers spend hours and hours working on codes to make sure everything appears cohesive. And CDN logo just happens to be in that space.

CDN checker tool

A CDN checker tool today may mean two things: you can either find out what a site’s CDN provider is or you can find out how a CDN provider is performing. There are several third-party CDN checker tools you can find online. A popular one is CDNPlanet.

If you’re unsure which provider you’d want to sign up with, resorting to a CDN checker tool may give you a glimpse of what could work for you. Find out which CDN providers your competitors are signed with and determine why these providers meet their needs.

Still, be reminded that the best CDN provider may not always be the most popular one.

Defining the best CDN

If you’re new to the whole CDN concept, believing that the best CDNs are the biggest one is natural. To an extent, this may even be true. What many entrepreneurs and website owners forget, however, is that different businesses may call for different needs, and websites are the same. Sure, some providers have the greatest number of Points of Presence, but do you really need every single server they have?

The best CDN only becomes the best CDN because they meet your basic website demands at a price that’s perfect for your business scale. That being mentioned, the best CDN may vary from one client to another, simply because even website needs are different.

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