Cloud Content Delivery Network – Web Administrators Solution to Web and Video on Demand

Cloud Content Delivery Network

Video is becoming a big part of the modern web experience. In fact, video is being deployed by a lot of websites because it provides a good user experience compared to just regular text and image web content.

However, deploying video to your users can be a double-edged sword. Providing video to your web visitors is only the first step. The more important part is to provide quality video streaming experience.

That is right. It is not enough that you have video to offer. Visitors expect high-quality broadcasts every time they play a video on your website. If it stalls or buffers, you run the risk of the visitor churning and not coming back.

The problem for web administrators, however, is that streaming video or video-on-demand requires advanced content delivery service. Your run of the mill CDN providers who are not equipped for video streaming distribution won’t do.

Fortunately, you can go with a reliable cloud content delivery network to augment your CDN video streaming capacity.

Cloud Content Delivery Network for Quality Web Content and Video Delivery

Because you want to provide your web visitors the best video streaming experience, a high-performance cloud content delivery network is the way to go. But do not just choose any CDN provider, you want a reliable CDN platform that is designed to provide you and your web visitors optimized video and web experience combined.

This is where Beluga cloud CDN comes in. As one of the leading cloud content delivery network service providers in the market, Beluga will be able to provide your business and its website with secure and reliable user experience on any device from anywhere around the world.

Beluga will manage the complex task of distributing your web and video content around the globe while solving the security and scalability challenges that come with it.

With Beluga Cloud CDN Service, a subscriber to this SaaS will also be able to implement a highly customizable, highly scalable, but completely ready-for-deployment CDN platform without investing in additional hardware and technology.

With this cloud-hosted content delivery service, web administrators will be able to significantly improve deployment time while minimizing the cost of optimizing their own network and servers for optimal content delivery and deploying video services.

Benefits of Cloud CDN Platform

By going with a cloud-based content delivery network platform you are optimizing your web and video content for the best user experience.

Aside from that, however, you are also helping your business in a lot of other ways including:

Reduced cost of web and video deployment

By going to the cloud for your content delivery needs, you are eliminating the need for costly hardware and equipment needed for such deployment, especially for video. This significantly reduces the need for large capital investment that would have been a large upfront cost for your business. In addition, through predictive plans and pricing, you are able to work around the cost and control your budget. No surprise expenses like maintenance and new parts fees.

Get a turnkey CDN solution

Another advantage of going to the cloud is that it provides your business with a ready-to-go solution that only needs to be configured based on your business needs. No complex installation needed. Just set it up to the point of how you want your content deployed and your website and video are all set for deployment.

No maintenance with free updates and upgrades

The best part about going to the cloud is that your business is only there to use it. The responsibility of maintaining the whole service falls on BelugaCDN. They will maintain and manage the content delivery platform for you and the thousands of other subscribers. Also, any updates and upgrades to the system will be rolled out to all subscribers. No need to pay extra for upgrades and updates.

Ease burden on the origin server

Without a CDN platform, the brunt of the traffic burden will fall on the origin server. High traffic volume can already cause the origin server to fail or break down, add the responsibility of deploying video to its task and you will see a steep decline in page load speeds. By taking care of the deployment of web content and video around the world, cloud CDN eases the burden on the origin server.

Beluga CDN Cloud Content Delivery Network

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