Why Minified JQuery CDN is the Right Choice for Your Website

Minified JQuery CDN

Web developers utilize jQuery to code complex features on their websites. Minified jQuery CDN is used to diminish load times as well as bandwidth usage on websites. It helps to improve site speed as well as Accessibility.

A website developer aims to create a site that will satisfy Google’s exacting standards. Google is especially keen on speed these days. The faster your site loads, the better for you. Therefore, it is important to incorporate tools that enhance your website’s performance.

Minified Files

What is minification? It refers to the process of eliminating irrelevant data without impacting how the browser processes the resource. A minified file is, therefore, a file that has been scaled down by removing irrelevant elements.

What is JQuery?

For the past 10 years, JQuery has been the backbone of the Internet. It is increasingly reliant on jQuery, which is a JavaScript library responsible for the functionality of JavaScript. A huge portion of the most visited sites uses jQuery. It is free, open-source, and utilized by developers and coders all over the world.

Why Was JQuery Created?

John Resig developed jQuery way back in 2006. The main purpose was to simplify the use of JavaScript on websites, and it has been able to achieve that.

JQuery is a DOM (Document object model). This is a tree-structure representation of the features of a web page.

JQuery supports your favorite web browsers that include the following:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera

Currently, JQuery is the most powerful JavaScript library. It is not likely to lose that position anytime soon as it continues to grow from strength to strength.

Developers incorporate the jQuery Download file into their coding projects. Then they can concentrate on coding the complex elements on their sites.

There are two main versions of jQuery files. These are:

  1. MyLib.js

    This is the original version. It is designed to be included in development mode to debug.

  2. MyLib.min.js

    This is the minified version that is designed for production purposes.

The two jQuery files are the same functionality. However, the minified version has all redundant characters eliminated to minimize the file. Web developers prefer to use the minified version for their live environment. This is a good option seeing as Google now checks page loading time.

What is the Purpose of the Minified JQuery File?

Users enjoy the following benefits:

  • Downloading fewer bytes
  • Less battery use
  • Less use of the mobile data plan
  • The page loads faster

Ultimately, you can apply jQuery.min just as you would jquery.js. Use the min version in production and the larger file for debugging.

Why Using jQuery CDN Benefits Your Website

The jQuery CDN offers you a couple of benefits, as indicated below:

  • It reduces the load on your site as it loads from a CDN. The load would be relatively heavier if it loaded from the website.
  • The loading time is improved. CDNs are made of speed, and they serve jQuery from the closest position.

Below are reasons why developers opt to use jQuery CDN:

  • Its documentation is vast
  • Programming is not only quicker but also more effective
  • It is open source
  • It has a large database that modifies it
  • Compatibility with other JavaScript files
  • It comes with multiple plugins that help to enhance its functionality

Many of the leading websites use jQuery CDN because it is reliable. It offers a working code via a quicker development that is compatible with various browsers.

JQuery and JavaScript

There are some glaring differences between JavaScript and jQuery. First off, JavaScript is a programming language, while JQuery is an API [application programming interface]. Other differences include the following:

  • JavaScript is written in C, which is an interpreted language. JQuery uses resources that are provided by JavaScript.
  • JavaScript requires you to write your own scripting, which takes time. On the other hand, with jQuery, the scripting is really in place.
  • JavaScript requires you to write more lines of code. These are fewer with jQuery. JavaScript is heavyweight, while jQuery libraries are lightweight.


To wrap up, jQuery is an excellent solution for your website. For one, it reduces the load on your site. Besides, it loads faster from CDNs than it does from your website. Therefore, when you use jQuery on your website, the benefits are twofold.

Furthermore, jQuery CDN offers a working code via a faster development that works with all browsers. Nevertheless, web developers require the jQuery download file. JQuery facilitates faster and more effective programming and works smoothly with other JavaScript files.

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