Why You Should Load Bootstrap CDN on Your Website

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Bootstrap, a free front-end framework, helps to ease web development by making it easier and faster. Bootstrap CDN also allows you to design responsive designs. Therefore, if you run a website, you should load Bootstrap CDN

Responsive web design refers to building websites that automatically conform to all devices, including large bases in mobile phones, and look good on them.

What is a CDN?

CDN stands for content delivery network. A CDN and offers a faster means of downloading content such as:

  • Videos
  • HTML pages
  • Images
  • Style sheets
  • JavaScript files

Most of the web traffic goes through CDNs. This includes traffic from huge websites such as Amazon come on social media sites as well as streaming sites such as Netflix.

Reasons for Using Bootstrap CDN

There are several good reasons why you should consider using bootstrap. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • It is easy to use: With some knowledge of HTML as well as CSS, you are all set to start using bootstrap
  • Mobile-first styles: These styles are the foundation framework
  • Responsive features: It adapts do a wide range of devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and computers
  • Compatible with browsers: The latest version (Bootstrap 4) is compatible with all contemporary browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and more

Bootstrap 4

This is the newest version of bootstrap. Bootstrap CDN 4 comes with new components, advanced responsiveness, as well as a style sheet that is quicker. This version supports the most modern and stable releases of the main browsers and platforms. However, for Internet Explorer 9, bootstrap three is ideal.

Can Bootstrap Be Loaded Via a CDN?

Bootstrap contains assets such as JS and CSS. These assets can be loaded via CDN. Your server also downloads assets, but it tends to be slow. Hence, a CDN is the better option.

How Bootstrap Works

Bootstrap is a framework that contains a collection that contains a collection of flexible and reusable Pieces of code written in HTML coma JavaScript, and CSS. Its foundations are ready for responsive web development. As a developer, all you need to do is input the code into the predefined grid system.

It comes with several free tools that are included in the package. These tools allow web designers to design typical interface components. They also build responsive components to watch the flexibility of the structure.

Bootstrap allows you to save some time as you no longer have to write long strings of cold. You can spend more time designing your web pages.

Benefits of Using Bootstrap CDN

When you download Bootstrap 4 while visiting another site:

  • It loads from the cache when visitors hit your site. This results in a faster loading time.
  • When you request a file from it, the file is served from the server closest to you. This also results in a faster loading time.
  • It is easy to use: Bootstrap contains elementary HTML and CSS templates that you can easily collaborate per your needs.
  • Simplicity in design and style: It offers basic easy to use templates that you can adjust or used directly.
  • Free components: The free and reusable components help to simplify styling.
  • Facilitates integration of other JavaScript plugins: This helps to ease the creation and designing of sites. Also, the process of adding and integrating them into the design is straightforward. Some of the plugins include collapse, carousel, dropdown, and more.

How to Get Bootstrap 4

How about getting started with Bootstrap 4? You can utilize it on your website by:

  • Including bootstrap 4 from a CDN
  • Downloading it from getbootstrap.com

Building Your Web Page with Bootstrap 4

These are the elements required to build your web page with Bootstrap 4:

  • Add the HTML5 Doctype

This should come at the beginning of your page and should include the Lang attribute and the right character set.

  • Add the Meta Tag Inside the Head Element

Bootstrap 4 is created to be responsive to mobile devices. As a result, it must incorporate touch zooming as well as correct rendering.

  • Containing Element

This is for wrapping site contents. There are two container categories available:

  • The .container
  • The .container-fluid

The .container category comes with a responsive fixed width container. The .container – fluid comes with a full-width container that covers the viewport in its entirety.


Bootstrap offers a faster and easier way to build your website. It is also mobile responsive and can be loaded from a CDN. Bootstrap CDN ensures, like any other CDN, that servers are loaded from the position nearest to the user. This ensures faster loading time, which Google is rather particular about.

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