What is a Static Site CDN

Static Site CDN

Does your company need a website? While there has been a lot of advancements when it comes to creating websites, what just might work are the basics, like a static site. Static sites have content that are already fixed, and also do not have to be generated, unlike dynamic websites that have a lot of codes and processes to go through. Compared to dynamic websites, a static site is straightforward.

What else will improve the experience of a static website? A static site CDN. While any CDN will surely bring the static site closer to more website visitors all over the globe, a static site CDN dedicated for static content hosting will do better in terms of content delivery and caching. While it is indeed tempting to put all of the most eye-catching and beautiful elements there is in a website, you might not be doing your potential website visitors any justice if the content cannot be loaded properly. That is why a static site is a lot better, and a static site CDN for your static content hosting needs will keep things a lot simpler for you. Let’s talk more about that.

Easier Data to Distribute

Static content hosting is simply putting the content in the cloud, directing the static site CDN to the cloud, and activating the CDN. In this way, whatever data needs to be brought to the website visitors is pretty much decided already, and does not need to be generated. Dynamic data has to be created upon the request or input of the website visitor. These dynamic data come in the form of search results, user comments, calculated results such as from online quizzes or price quotations, and so on. Static content hosting will include preloaded data, such as texts, pictures, and videos. The static site CDN will simply load and reload these files over and over again for various website visitors,and will not bother itself with complicated algorithms and equations just to come up with data. In other words, the static site CDN has an easier time, compared to other CDNs that will have to house apps that do complicated data generation, or certain protocol that will have to be generated over and over again per website visit. A static site CDN has it easier for website maintenance personnel, as static content hosting is concerned with simpler files.

Keener Website Management

Since static content hosting is concerned with pre-generated data, the static site CDN will only be bothered to deliver those files to the website visitors. Static content hosting means not having to possess apps and app data that are often large and may take too long to be uploaded or to update, while static site CDN files are either smaller in storage space, or are easier to “update”. By updating, what we mean here is simply deleting the file, and replacing it with its better version. Sounds pretty easy, right? Dynamic websites have to keep their apps updated so that the data they generate will always be accurate, and website maintenance in this regard can be a lot more complicated compared to simple uploading of new files for the static site CDN.

Easier Adjusting of Content

Another notable advantage of static content hosting is how adaptable it is to the website visitors. While generation of data in dynamic websites may lead to the browser crashing down for reasons that the bandwidth of the visitor cannot handle the dynamic data, the static site CDN can simply scale down the preloaded data so that it will manifest better to any website visitor, regardless of their bandwidth issues, such as with distance or connection strength. Through static content hosting, the static site CDN may also have image CDN or video CDN capabilities that will scale down photos or videos so that they will still appear in any browser. Thus, a static site CDN keeps it a lot simpler and more straightforward.

While static content hosting sounds like a simple yet good endeavor, there is a lot more to it. Putting up a static site CDN may appear easy and doable in a short amount of time, but it’s imperative that you get to know more about options for static site CDNs and static content hosting. Strike a conversation with us at BelugaCDN so that you’ll be more informed about static site CDN options, before deciding if static content hosting is indeed for you and your company.

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