3 Easy Ways Using A System JS CDN Will Improve Your Search Rankings

System JS CDN

Getting ranked on the first page of popular search engines like Google is a goal everyone running a business online aims for. In a bid to gain an advantage over their competitors, website owners increasingly invest in providing useful content to their users. Unfortunately, this is something that almost every website owner does. It, therefore, leaves one with one simple question: what next?

If you run your business primarily over the internet, and if you have created a website that is rich in useful content, you can still get an edge over other competitors by optimizing your website's performance. This is something that most website owners overlook, and luckily for you, it is something that search engines care about.

One of the easiest ways to improve your website's performance is by using a system js cdn. The following are the different ways in which doing so will boost your search engine ranking.

Loading speed improvement

System JS is useful when it comes to loading JavaScript modules in that it enhances compatibility. This, in addition to the nifty extensions it offers, makes it a necessary tool for most applications. However, it is still a useful tool on its own, you can still get more out of this module loader by using it with a CDN.

Loading modules from a CDN will decrease the loading time of your website mainly because of the accelerated delivery that CDN servers provide. This is great for your search engine rankings because currently, Google and other major search engines consider speed to be a ranking factor. In essence, when all other things are equal, the faster website will rank higher than the slower website.

Therefore, if you are in a competitive niche, using a CDN for the delivery and loading of your JavaScript modules will give you a competitive advantage. It may just be the difference between you ranking at the top spot and getting over 30% of your target audience, or ranking at the bottom of the results and getting less than 5% of the potential traffic.

Longer average session durations and lower bounce rates

Search engines use metrics such as the Average Session Duration and Bounce Rates to gauge how useful your content is to your target audience. If you users spend more time on pages on your websites, and if they have longer average sessions, then they make the assumption that your website is useful enough for the people that they send to your website. As a result, they are likely to send more people your way, and this means ranking you higher.

Unfortunately, visitors sometimes leave a website not because it offers no value at all, but simply because the website is just too slow. This makes it frustrating to browse through its content, and as such visitors tend to leave earlier than they normally would have simply because going through additional webpages on your site is not as smooth a process as it should be.

Low average session duration metrics and high bounce rates are generally an indication of a low-quality website. Therefore, search engines tend to recommend these websites even less. They typically rank them lower in the search results. This may happen to your website if it is slow, even if it is a high-quality website. Using a CDN with System.js will improve your website's performance. It will make it faster and easier to use and this can save you from getting penalized by search engines. It can thus boost your chances of ranking higher than your competitors.

Better social signals

Search engines are increasingly consideration social signals when it comes to determining rankings. The better the social engagement that a brand is getting, and the more the traffic that it gets from social media, the more likely it is to rank higher in the SERPs. This is because high social engagement typically indicates a higher trust-factor and a generally good reputation. And since search engines strive to give searchers the most relevant and trustworthy content, they almost always consider social signals when determining rankings.

As a website owner, you will benefit from using a CDN to help speed up the process of loading modules. It is something that will increase the likelihood of getting better positive social signals because users tend to share content when they have had a pleasant experience. Having a fast-loading website that does not have any hitches is something that increases user experience, and it can increase both the engagement and the reach of your content on social media. And since social signals are becoming a major consideration for search engines, this is something that will definitely increase your search engine rankings.