JQuery and Bootstrap CDN – Why You Should Use JQuery CDN on Your Website

What is JQuery and Bootstrap CDN?

JQuery CDN allows you to include jQuery on your website without the need to download the program in your website folder.

When you use jQuery for your Bootstrap themed website, you decrease the load on your website. This is because the jQuery file loads from a CDN and not from the website. In addition, jQuery loads faster when sourced from a CDN that it does when from the website. This is because CDNs will load jQuery files from the closest server to the user.

Introduction to jQuery CDN

JQuery CDN is a collection of pre-written JavaScript library code. Web developers and application creators add the jQuery download file to coding projects as opposed to making their own.

It is easy to access a JavaScript library that can simplify event handling, AJAX interactions, animations, and HTML document traversing for faster development of websites. JQuery CDN can simplify HTML scripting, therefore simplifying the development of web 2.0 applications.

For most coding tasks that require routing, it is always advisable to use JavaScript features instead of using up time trying to code them. This way, web developers can focus on coding more complex features of the website.

With the jQuery CDN user interface, developers can:

  • Make programming faster and more efficient
  • Enjoy extensive documentation
  • Make use of the open-source and large user base constantly improving and modifying it
  • Enjoy better working with JavaScript libraries
  • Enjoy Various plugins that extend jQuery functionality
JQuery CDN has the ability to produce a code that can work with various browsers through fast development. However, web developers will need to download the jQuery file and parse the library. In some cases, raw JavaScript produces better performance, but the benefits of using jQuery CDN outweigh the drawbacks.

JQuery and Bootstrap CDN - The advantages of using jQuery CDN in developing Bootstrap themed websites

JQuery CDN joins parts of HTML and CSS to make scripting simpler for clients. You can easily use it on your Bootstrap themed website. Here are the benefits of using jQuery CDN.

It is simple to use

One of the reasons web developers love using jQuery CDN is that it is easy to use and learn, and it is highly intuitive. It takes a short time to deploy jQuery CDN on your site because the jQuery file makes use of simple syntax and open coding standards.

The best part is that you do not need to be a web designer or programming genius to use jQuery to create excellent styles on a Bootstrap themed site.

JQuery integrates with visual studio IDE with ease.

Through the managed NuGet packages dialogue box, visual studio 2010 is able to integrate with the jQuery CDN library. The NuGet extension allows easy addition, removal, or updating of tools and libraries in projects by making use of the .Net framework.

Because of this ease of integration, web developers can enjoy immediate access to jQuery download file syntax and methods without the need to leave the code view to perform research.

Does not need Adobe Flush Plugin to work

The jQuery CDN will still work correctly without Adobe Flash. It allows web developers to manipulate the HTML DOM even when the browser disables JavaScript. Additionally, the use of proactive jQuery coding prevents browser crushes while at the same time, reducing the number of reports submitted to the help desk.

JQuery CDN creates flash-like animated applications.

With jQuery CDN, web developers can create movie-like creations. They only need to have knowledge of using JavaScript and HTML. The best part is that JQuery CDN is free and offers JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, and HTML to make it easy for web developers to optimize their Bootstrap sites without the need for serious adjustments.

Faster page loads

In search engine optimization, page load time is considered by search engines when ranking websites. Therefore, web developers strive to create light code whenever possible to allow fast loading pages.

The jQuery download file comes with separate storage away from the website file, allowing developers to use a central respiratory system when making changes across the website. This also allows them to load div tags when necessary.

JQuery CDN is SEO friendly.

When looking to optimize a Bootstrap themed website for search engines, web developers can use jQuery CDN. They can use the various plugins to help optimize the site and increase the chances of ranking higher in search results. Making use of unordered lists when embedding jQuery CDN elements works well for any SEO practice

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