4 Extra Benefits of Using A CDN on A WordPress Website

ordpress Use a Content Delivery Network

As websites are becoming larger, and as the competition for users' attention becomes stiffer, the need for great CDN services increases. This is because CDNs serve the essential role, in the modern internet space, of accelerating the rate at which content is delivered to users. It is great for users because they get to have a flawless browsing experience, and it is also good for website owners as it maximizes their earning potential by increasing conversion rates and boosting their odds of ranking higher on pages of speed-conscious search engines like Google.

However, speeding up the rate at which a website is loaded is not the only benefit that comes with using a CDN -- provided you use a good CDN service. Here is what you know about the added advantages, other than speed improvement, that typically come with a cdn install and why it is recommended that users of wordpress use a content delivery network cdn.

Threat and breach protection

Once you create your WordPress website, it will be up to you to arm with the necessary protections. Some plugins are great at enhancing your website's protection. WordPress even offers a paid service that allows your website to enjoy advanced levels of security. Unfortunately, while most of these options work, they tend to be expensive. Furthermore, the security they offer isn't always world-class and thus they can leave your website susceptible to attacks.

Instead of having to spend money on enhancing your website's security system, and instead of settling for less-than-stellar security shields, you can opt for a good CDN. Most CDN services offer world-class security services that are designed to actively offer protection against common attacks like DDOS attacks. They provide an additional security layer that is able to detect and neutralize potential sources of attacks, something that ensures that both your content and your users are protected. This also helps to protect your website from any performance issues that sometimes occur due to these attacks and hence guaranteeing easy and convenient availability of your content.

Increased website availability

There are times when a webserver simply fails. This may be due to hardware malfunction. Common server errors and even malware attacks can cause it to go down. When this happens, your audience is usually denied access to your content. Furthermore, if you are selling products on your website, or if you are simply making an income by displaying ads on the website, every second that goes by with your website being down means that you are losing money.

It turns out that in addition to increasing your website's speed, the resulting effect of a CDN's cache process is that it can serve this content to your users even when your webserver is down. Therefore, if a large part of your WordPress content is static content, your audience may be able to access it even when your servers are not working, something that will definitely go a long way towards protecting your income.

Scanning and removal of existing malware

The best CDN services in the market don't just protect your website from external attacks. They typically run automated and real-time scans that ensure your website is free of any malware. When they find traces of malicious scripts and programs, they are usually equipped to remove them instantly, or at least place them in a sandbox where they can't do any harm to your users or to your content.

Therefore, when you decide to use a CDN, you are inadvertently making sure that you have access to tools that guarantee the safety of your users. These tools help to protect them from losing their data or their privacy, and this is something that will go a long way towards giving you peace of mind.

Cost savings

In order to get advanced security features for a WordPress website, you will have to purchase and install a premium plugin. The realtime scanning and malware detection that you need to run in order to keep your web servers malware-free also costs money. And so do services that are designed to limit your website's downtime. While the individual costs of these services may not be high, they usually add up and can end up making the simple maintenance and running of a website to be prohibitively expensive.

However, if instead of purchasing these services individually, you opt for a CDN, you will get these benefits, in addition to the enhanced website performance, at no extra cost. In essence, going for a CDN is a cost-effective solution to both your performance and security needs as a website owner. The fact that you can get a good CDN for a cost that is less than $5 per month, or that you have the option of choosing a Pay-as-You-Go plan, makes this an even more financially prudent alternative.