CDNs and CDN Service: Advantages for your Business

Advantages of CDN Service for your Business

Companies like Netflix and AirBNB have global success; a big part of this is rooted to various enterprise strategies that seem to work for them. One strategy is the utilization of CDNs, or content delivery networks.

What are CDNs? These are geographically-situated servers that can cache data to be readily accessible to potential clients in that location. If I want to access a certain service, for example an online class for a web-based learning portal, that portal has CDNs, or a content delivery network from a CDN service provider, that has the course ready for me to use right away. Instead of me having to access the web-based portal’s home website or data hub, I’ll just access the CDN through provided means.

Why is this such a great advantage? First of all, accessing the company’s main data hub, may it be a cloud-based network or a physical network in their home office, will entail lots of resources. It could take time because it is far away, and clients will have to battle fellow access seekers to the same information hub. That means more traffic, not only for when accessing the data, but also when data has to be returned to the user. A good example of this will be when the 9/11 terrorist attack happened; when web surfers wanted to get news from a single website, caching problems started to arise. It was that time when internet companies saw the potential of using networks with info ready for access as an alternative. From then on, CDNs were developed, to the convenience of companies that utilize the internet, and their customers. CDN service started out as merely for media streaming, but now CDNs are used for cloud-based services, too.

The Pros

There are numerous reasons to incorporate CDNs into your business. CDN providers will be helpful to you so that the advantages mentioned below will be met at the soonest time, and your enterprise will reap the rewards of having CDN providers.

Faster Delivery

Instead of customers clamoring to get hold of your company website, they can just be directed to the closest CDNs, through CDN service providers. With CDN providers, you can use CDNs to act as faster carriers of data when needed. That way, CDN providers make the browsing or access experience of your clients a lot faster, because they are to go to CDNs that are closer by proximity, and thus needs less bandwidth or internet speed.

Customer Segmentation

CDN service can also help you with customer segmentation. Specific customer groups might not be interested in all of your company’s services or products, and are only going to your main website to avail specific offerings. Imagine having to travel to a far-flung main store, be open to all these options, but knowing you’re not really for any of the other products. You’re just there for a measly option that you wish was just sent to a closer location. CDN service providers can give that option. CDNs stationed at a certain location can bring in products or services in-demand in that area. Various CDNs can bring different of products and services based on what is wanted in that specific area. CDN providers can help you segment what is needed and wanted in a specific location, so that clients are satisfied wherever they may be. Aside from fast service, customers also get what they want, thanks to CDN providers.

Server Unloaded

With CDN providers handling your CDNs, you can now free your company’s servers from such burdens. This means more usage of your home servers for other enterprise goals, such as product research, data management, and security measures. CDN service lets your business do other tasks that can help your business grow. CDNs do not only mean faster services, but better services as well.

Some Cons to Consider

While CDN providers will definitely cost you money, the prospect of more customers, better reach, and more available services should mean additional profit. You are putting in an investment by letting CDN providers into your business. Another valid concern is the complexity of the process of incorporating CDNs in your company’s processes. While online operations of your business are already difficult to handle, adding another aspect of managing CDNs could send your company into a frenzy. To remedy this, make sure to have ample communication with CDN providers, and allow them to explain CDN service to you as thoroughly as possible. You may also want to set constant meetings with your CDN providers to that you are assisted all the way through, and CDN providers will turn out to be a good investment.


While it’s too early to tell, availing of CDN service sounds like a win-win situation for you and your customers. The best advice for you as a first-time user of CDNs is to build trust with your CDN providers and maintain open communication so that you get to know the process of CDNs. CDN providers will be the first to let you know how CDNs are advantageous, so might as well avail of help from CDN providers, and ultimately make things better for your company and customers.

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