What is a CDN, and Why Opt for It

What is a CDN, and Why Opt for It?

Businesses in the current era are considering expansion, and one means to do this is through online means. There are multitudes of ways to reach potential clients miles away: online shopping, online messaging, even through video streaming. But with these options comes the hurdle of data traffic. With a plethora of clients clamoring to get hold your services online, data traffic might create a problem. Then comes CDN technology companies.

Content delivery networks, or CDNs, are geographically-situated servers used to deliver content to a specific area. Instead of users fighting over bandwidth and internet traffic, content can now be delivered through content delivery network companies who create CDNs closer to a certain demographic. That is why it is easy for online powerhouses such as Netflix, Facebook, and eBay to reach the rest of the world, through CDNs or CDN technology companies.

A Brief History

The elaborate history of CDNs stemmed from the noticed difficulties coming from numerous users trying to visit singular websites. When the 9/11 attacks happened, netizens wanted to go to the same news website, causing massive internet traffic. That is when CDNs were developed, particularly to prevent surprisingly numerous visits and demands in data transfer. Akamai was pioneer to CDN technology companies, and the technology has developed ever since. ISPs started becoming CDN technology companies one way or another, and 2002 saw the development of content delivery network companies, with more than 3000 companies in 2004 using CDNs. Now, CDNs are used not only for media streaming, but also for cloud-related services as well. CDN technology companies have become more relevant than ever.

Why use a CDN

Approaching the nearest content delivery network companies and asking about how you can incorporate CDNs in your business is a start. CDN technology companies have perfected their use of CDNs and have boosted its benefits ever since they were launched through Akamai. Let’s list these advantages that content delivery network companies will surely help you achieve:

Faster Services

By creating a CDN within a chosen area of reach, you are catering faster services to that specific geographical location. Instead of customers trying to reach your far-flung company website, which takes a lot of time, data, and bandwidth, their access is hastened thanks to the efforts of CDN technology companies. Content delivery network companies will extend the same convenience to your potential clients through CDNs.

More Available Services

Services will not only be faster, but also more available. CDN technology companies will help you in building a CDN that is complete in services and products as if clients are accessing your company’s base hub of resources. Maybe you have encountered websites or online catalogues saying that “this product/service is not available in your location”. Content delivery network companies rids you of that excuse and extends the reach of your business through CDNs. CND technology companies will be extra-helpful in that regard.

The Hang-Ups

CDN technology companies must also be transparent in explaining to you the following disadvantages, and how CDN technology companies plan to alleviate them, or how they can be maneuvered altogether.


Like any service, CDNs will surely set your business back, and chances are content delivery network companies won’t be as cheap as you would want their service to be. But remember: any major step in forwarding one’s business is an investment. Content delivery network companies will be ardent in telling you how spending enterprise money to come up with CDNs will help in boosting company sales. The advantages mentioned above are clear goals you and content delivery network companies can work so that the cost of CDNs will be earned back.


Building the CDN, linking the CDN to your main network or server, asking CDN technology companies to explain all the processes: sounds like a whole lot of complexities. Adding a CDN to your enterprise’s overall operations is indeed adding a layer of complexity to the already complex means of handling a business. That is why there is value in opting for content delivery network companies to assist you in incorporating CDNs into your daily business priorities. Ask CDN technology companies to have open and constant communication with you as you use CDNs in the first few months of the service. That way, you get to know the system of the content delivery network companies, and CDNs in general.


While there is great promise in tapping the resources of content delivery network companies, it is also imperative that you as a potential CDN user to be aware of its hangups. But then again, your questions will all be answered once you sit down and discuss your interest in CDNs with CDN technology companies. Bottom line is, using CDNs is a viable means to expand the reaches of your enterprise. Talk to content delivery network companies now.

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