Top Benefits of Using Font Awesome CDN

Benefits of Using Font Awesome CDN

Font Awesome is an excellent icon web library containing different styles of icons in their thousands. FA icons come in four styles:

  • Solid
  • Regular
  • Light
  • Duotone

Of these styles, solid is free most often, and the rest is only found in the pro version. In FA, you have numerous options for hosting and delivery of font icon files. You can either host them yourself or use a third-party service to host them or host them on your CDN.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) is popular all over the internet. They are internet servers that deliver mobile devices and browsers faster and are more reliable than using your server.

How a CDN Makes Content Faster

There are three ways CDN improve content delivery:

  • Having a faster server in terms of concurrency and latency
  • Ensuring it is continuously available for scaling and load distribution
  • Physically moving the server nearer the browser, which is more important.

The Physical Relocation of the Server

The origin server is the server that is the first to respond when you place a request. The edge server is a virtual stop that retrieves content from the origin server and delivers it to the information requested. The edge server is physically closer to the browser and has a shorter travel distance than the customer to the origin server. The edge server caches content, making the subsequent information requests faster and making the site perform much better on Pcs and even better on mobile devices.

How much using CDNs Costs

There is a cost for transitioning from serving from the origin to a CDN edge server. This poses both a process and an engineering problem. This transition changes to code, software updates, and new testing procedures, while engineers have to integrate the CDN. An organization has to pay for the CDN as well as manage its use.

With the initial transition costs plus maintenance mentioned above, the question lingers, why then is CDN worth the effort? Be cautious when weighing the pros and cons, keeping in mind that the way tour site loads on your end are not the same with your customers. You only make a move to a CDN when you need a boost in performance.

Font Awesome CDN Benefits

Font Awesome CDN has many benefits, including:

Easy Upgrades

Each site receives a unique embed code, and you can upgrade easily to the latest Font Awesome version, and with no code pushing involved.

Asynchronous icon loading

Font Awesome CDN’s JavaScript makes use of the superb open-source Web Font Loader via Google and Typekit. Icons are served in the background by the CDN load, allowing the site to load faster. Besides, you get all types of excellent JS and CSS events to ensure your user interface (UI) looks excellent before and after loading the Font Awesome.

Semi-Auto Access

The design and development of your site, putting accessibility first is a challenge, but ensuring your icons are functioning is critical. Remembering each markup for every case is almost impossible. When using Font Awesome CDN, you need to keep in mind the following things to make your site easily accessible.

If you are using icons to add more decorations or to brand, you do not have to announce to your users while navigating your app or site. If you are utilizing an icon to add style to existing content in your HTML, you do not need to repeat it to the user. If you are using the icon as a symbol or conveying a meaning, make sure this meaning is sent to users interacting with your user interface via various tools or techniques by providing test-based alternatives. This also goes for abbreviated content such as unread messages, shopping cart statuses, etc. and interactive controls such as toggles or buttons. Font Awesome CDN version is excellent for different reasons. The icons are served via a global CDN and load fast, regardless of where your website visitors are. Numerous sites use the Font Awesome CDN, and the likelihood of your visitors having cached it in their browsers is high.

How to Use Font Awesome via CDN

  • Create a unique Embed Code
  • Add the code to your project
  • Drop any of the over six hundred icons in


CDNs help a site with asset and page loading performance, which offers a quick and more responsive experience for your site users. Font Awesome is an excellent web icon library that conveys essential information to users and helps them understand interfaces, signs, and directions. We have to ensure the icons give the intended message, integrate with technology, and assist people in navigating sites and apps.

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