Best CDN for Video Hosting

Best CDN for Video Hosting

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement on your website is to add a well-placed relevant video in selected web pages.

A lot of studies have shown that web visitors respond to web page videos more positively compared to the standard text and images.

Videos stimulate interaction with your visitors positively when executed right.

That is the crux, however. Videos are great when they are done in good quality and streams smoothly. If the video, however, is constantly buffering, then you are not exactly providing a good web experience.

Web visitors will grow frustrated and even angry and they will move on to the next website because they have already left yours.

That is the sad truth of the internet. You only get a few seconds to make a good impression and get their attention. A poorly playing video on your website can make you memorable in the wrong way.

Fortunately, there is a simple yet effective solution to this problem. What you need is the best CDN for video hosting.

Why Do Videos Load Slow?

There are different reasons why the videos of your web page may not be loading as fast as it should.

Some of the Reasons of Slow Loading Videos Are

Large Video File

A web page is made up of different elements. This includes texts, images, JavaScript files, and videos. Videos, by its nature, is a significantly large file that has long been the cause of slow loading pages. Compared to the other elements of the page, its sheer size makes it hard to deliver and render over the internet.

Poor Bandwidth

Slow videos can also be caused by low internet bandwidth from the internet service provider of the web visitor as well. As said above, videos are usually the biggest file among the different web page elements. Combine that with slow internet service and you can expect that the video component of your page will be the most affected.


Another possible reason why your videos are not loading as fast as it should is due to latency. Latency refers to the total time and distance a web request travels from being made to the web page being delivered.

You see, when a web visitor is trying to open a web page from your website, they are sending a web request from their browser to your host server. Once the host server receives the request, it will deliver the elements of the web page being requested to the device of the web visitor so that the web page will render the page with all its elements. Including video.

However, when the visitor is from another country, they are not in proximity to the host server and it takes a while for the web request to travel, which causes slow loading times. The farther the web visitor is from the server, the higher the latency is.

How Belugacdn Can Help Your Web Page and Videos Load Faster?

To solve your problem with slow video loading, the best solution is to get a reliable CDN service to help you spread the reach of your website.

BelugaCDN has several edge servers located around the globe. These servers play a major role in solving your problem with latency. Instead of having web page requests sent to the host server, these requests will be mapped out and sent to the nearest edge server. The edge server then delivers a cached version of your web page, complete will all its elements including video. This way, web requests are received and responded to as quickly as possible.

In addition, BelugaCDN also optimizes web page elements to help it render faster and so that it takes smaller bandwidth to get it to render. One of the ways this is done is through compression and conversion. Videos can be compressed into a smaller file format, then converted back for playback one it is delivered to the web victor. This way, even if the internet service provider is slow, it will not greatly affect page load speed.

Lastly, Because of its sheer capacity to handle multiple web requests, BelugaCDN is able to handle a large number of viewers at the same time. This will greatly help when your videos reach virality and attract big traffic. By the capacity of the servers to handle a big audience, it is able to deliver your videos and web pages without sacrificing quality.

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