Full-page CDN

Fullpage CDN

Full Page Caching for your E-Commerce Store

If you have an e-commerce store, you want to get as many eyeballs on your website. This involves marketing your website outside the US and general North America. You can try to access target markets in Europe, Australia, South America, the Middle East and the rest of Asia.

The problem, however, is keeping the web experience at a high level when your web visitors are halfway around the world and are not within proximity of your website’s host server.

This could cause some problems because of latency as it will take significant time for a web request to access your website to reach the host server and for the host server to respond with the delivery of the requested page.

The best way to solve the problem of latency is to use a content delivery network (CDN) service to shorten the distance web request travel. By having CDN servers around the world to respond to web requests, it should be able to accelerate web page loading times by reducing latency.

However, as an e-commerce store with lots of page elements to load and is expecting heavy traffic from multiple sources, that may not be enough.

One of the best solutions is to employ full-page CDN caching for optimal delivery of web pages.

How Does Full Page Caching Work?

CDN services solve the problem of latency by caching a copy of your website pages on their edge servers around the globe. When there is a web request for access to a certain web page, the request is geographically mapped out so that it is sent to the nearest edge server. The edge server then responds with eh cached version of your web page. This relieves the host server of its duty to respond to all web requests and is able to give your website the ability to take on large amounts of traffic.

Full-page CDN takes this a bit further by supporting full page caching.

Full-page caching on the servers allows your website to show your category, product, and CMS pages quicker while reducing the load on servers. Without full page caching, the website might have to run through different blocks of code to get single information from your big database.

Full-page caching, however, fully-generated web pages can be delivered directly from the cache.

How does Full Page Caching Help Your E-Ecommerce Store?

Full-page caching allows you to use cached content to respond to web requests from similar types of web visitors. This allows you to display a customized experience for different types of web visitors. For example, you want a separate set of web pages shown to casual web visitors from the web pages shown to logged-in visitors.

For e-commerce stores caching purposes, each web visitor can fall under any of these types of sessions:

Non-sessioned – This refers to web visitors who do not interact with the store. They did open web pages, but they never added items to cart or even compared products. The servers cache the content and serve it to other non-sessioned web visitors.

Sessioned – This refers to web visitors who interact with the store like adding items to the shopping cart. The cached web pages generated during a sessioned visit are used solely for that specific visitor during that specific session.

Customer – This refers to sessions from registered web visitors. These are web visitors who have accounts on your website and interact with your store while logged on those accounts. During these sessions, special offers, discounts, promotions, and other perks can be presented based on their assigned customer group.

A CDN Provider that Supports Full-page Caching

BelugaCDN equips your e-commerce website with a reliable CDN service that supports full page caching so that you can not only provide fast web page loading but customized web experiences as well.

In addition, BelugaCDN is also one of the few top CDN providers who support all 5 TLS certificates (HTTP/2, OCSP Stapling, Dynamic record sizing, ALPN, and Perfect forward secrecy) for high-level traffic authentication.

Also, this CDN provider also supports IPV4IPV6 dual-stack network so that your web content is not only delivered anywhere around the world but to any devices as well, which includes mobile devices like iPhones and Android devices.

The best part, BelugaCDN has one of the best priced CDN services in the industry. Get top CDN services for your website for as low as $20 per month.

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