401 Unauthorized Error
07 Jul

401 Unauthorized Error: What It Is and How to Fix It

401 Unauthorized Error is an HTTP reaction rating code illustrating that an application made by the client has not been verified. A network error 401 Unauthorized Error signifies that the resource is barred and needs authentication that the client did not provide. Just like many HTTP feedback codes especially those that illustrate an error, diagnosing

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206 Partial Content Error
06 Jul

206 Partial Content Error

If you are working on any web project serving data (say video or fairly large image files), looking at the server logs might reveal a 206 partial content error. This, as many developers who’ve worked on media-rich projects, wouldknow, indicates that the requested data ranges have been loaded successfully, albeit in partial chunks, as would

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Font Awesome CDN
18 Jun

What is a CDN? – Font Awesome CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Networks) is now used all over the Internet. These are the internet servers that deliver all types of things to mobile devices and browsers faster with more reliability rather than using your own server.  CDN is a component of the internet ecosystem. Several content owners, such as e-commerce providers and media companies,

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17 Jun

How to Increase Website Speed

Today, every organization wants its website to deliver fantastic user experience, regardless of their niche or industry. A site that delights returning or new users has to perform better than others. As your customer’s growth on the site continues, you forget to remember the importance of website load speed. What is Website Speed? Website speed

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