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What Is a VPS? A Quick Overview of Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Server is abbreviated as VPS. There are several hosting categories and VPS is emerging as the most popular of them. VPS hosting is somewhat in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting in a way that clients do not have to purchase an independent server which is costly, but does not have to bear the downsides of a shared hosting either. Let me make it simpler for you.

VPS hosting

We know that web hosting is a service which lets us store our website related files on the server, now that hosting service can be of different types depending on server occupancy a client gets. In a shared hosting client gets a part of server only sharing that server with so many other clients like him, while in a dedicated server client has its own server enabling higher memory and processing power. Get to know more about VPS hosting in this Wikipedia.

What is Virtual Private Servers?

VPS hosting on the other hand provides a combination of both shared and dedicated hosting. How? Let’s dig deeper. It is best suited for clients who have utilized full capability of shared hosting but not sure if dedicated hosting would be worth it. VPS hosting provides similar environment like dedicated hosting by

  • Sharing the server with fewer users, means few users will be sharing resources
  • Allocate independent segments of hard drive to boost performance
  • Virtually running own operating system to experience similar capabilities as a dedicated server

To put it simply, let me give you a real-life analogy.

Imagine you are living in a dorm or apartment which be very clean, easily accessible and come furnished with the essentials, the only downside is that you have to share that apartment with others so there may be multiple people living in one room. This is shared hosting. In this case you have to face problems if a lot of guests are coming to you every day, you won’t have independent space and resources to cater them. Now think of a bungalow which is constructed on a big piece of and everything in that house is for your sole consumption only. Even if you have a lot of guests coming in everyday, which means high traffic, your neighbors won’t mind that.

Now VPS hosting is something between these two. Let us understand by saying it is like living in an apartment with your independent unit. You have limited resources but those resources won’t be shared by others. A reasonable number of guests, traffic, can visit you everyday too without a problem.

Why VPS Hosting is preferred?

The main benefit is the freedom you are getting in a relatively cheaper plan. The traffic VPS hosting can accommodate is near to an expensive dedicated hosting server you get. One thing we should keep in mind the reason we are not getting a dedicated server is its cost and maintenance. We are recommending VPS hosting as a stepping stone between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Let’s have a look and some of the benefits of VPS hosting.

  • Control over hosting environment. You can even restart your server without disturbing others if you need to.
  • Cost is a lot cheaper than a dedicated hosting server
  • VPS is scalable. If you need more resources you can purchase it.
  • It is customizable since you have your own OS you can have your own server applications and configurations.
  • Comes with predefined or dedicated resources for you to use anywhere.

When should you switch to VPS hosting?

Shared hosting has limited resources, so if your business is growing either in web traffic or maybe you have switched to content rich strategy or whatever the other reasons are when you feel you are outgrowing shared hosting resources, you can opt for VPS hosting.

Another reason is your business expanding into other markets where you have to host multiple websites. Maybe your shared hosting package is enough to provide bandwidth for one website but not for multiple websites. Or in some cases you just need better privacy. It all depends on your needs.

Getting the cheap and best VPS hosting out there with BelugaCDN

So, we have just explained the reasons you should be getting VPS hosting in the first place. Few primary reasons were

  • Speed to cater high traffic density
  • More resources for better performance
  • Cost effective

What if we tell you there us a hosting service which offers all of these with an added benefit of being one of the best in technology and server infrastructure. Yes, seems too good to be true right.