Using A CDN for Static Assets on Your Website

CDN for Static Assets

On the internet, website visitors like fast websites. Search engines also prefer fast websites. This is essential in search engine optimization. Fast-loading websites rank better on search engines.

Speed is a major factor that search engines use to rank a website. Website visitors abandon websites that don’t load in 2-3 seconds. As such, many website owners are looking for ways to speed up their websites.

Using a CDN for static assets helps to increase the speed with which your website loads. Ensuring that your visitors stay longer and engage with your content more. Also helps in search engine optimization.

What Is A CDN?

Content Delivery Network.

A content delivery network is a network of servers located in different parts of the world. These servers work together to make sure that websites are fast. Information requested gets delivered with speed.

When your browser sends a request to a specific website, the CDN gets your location. The server nearest to you sends you the information or page you are seeking.

This is how a CDN works. It enhances website loading speeds.

What Does Static Assets Mean?

Static assets are pages of websites that do not need processing or modification. They are delivered as they are to everyone who requests them. As such static content is easy and fast to deliver over the internet.

Content that needs processing before it is delivered is known as dynamic content. An example of dynamic content is a social media feed. Every person receives different content on their social media feed.

Static content refers to images, videos, stylesheets, and JavaScript forms.

Benefits of Using CDN for Static Assets

Reduce Website Loading Time

The main benefit of using CDN for static assets is the reduced time with which they load.

Requests made by website visitors load from the nearest server. Rather than from the website’s server. Depending on the visitors' location.

As a result, websites that use CDN for static assets can load them faster than other websites. This results in lower bounce rates hence keeping the visitors longer on the website.

Lower Costs of Bandwidth

While hosting your website, you use a lot of expensive resources to display static assets. When you use a CDN, you will lower the pressure on bandwidth use and other hosting infrastructure. This will, in turn, lessen the bandwidth you use thus lowering the cost of bandwidth.

The cost of CDN use is also much lower.

Using a CDN reduces the load on the origin server. This reduces the pressure and cost of server infrastructure.

Enhance Security of Website

Using a CDN helps improve the security of your website from DDoS attacks.

CDN servers track the location of requests to the website. This makes it difficult for DDoS attacks to succeed on your website.

CDNs allow websites to track traffic requests, pick out malicious ones, and block them. At the same time, they allow legitimate visitors access to the websites.

Manage High Traffic on Your Website

With a CDN you are sure that high traffic will not overwhelm your website. CDN content is cached in many servers all around the world. This means that you can handle many simultaneous requests.

How Do CDNs Work?

Because of their geographic distribution, CDNs work to enhance website speed. When a website user makes a request, their browser contacts your website host first. It then leads them to seek a specific page on your website.

Here is how your website works when you incorporate a CDN

  1. A CDN places an exchange point between your server and your visitor’s browser.
  2. When a request is made on your website, the CDN exchange point closest to the requester fetches it from your website or from other CDN servers that may have the requested static asset cached.
  3. The first time this request is made, it will be slow.
  4. Once cached in your CDN, your static assets will now load faster once requested. Saving loading time until the cache expires.
  5. Different CDN servers communicate between themselves to make your website load faster.


Make your website one of the fastest on the internet by using a CDN for static assets in your website. CDNs lead to cost savings on the spare capacity and server infrastructure. This will help save you lots of expenses in website maintenance.

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