CDN Hosting

CDN Hosting

Content delivery networks or CDNs have gained prominence. These are simply networked systems that are in cooperative mode and peak with neural networks. Powerful servers known as edge servers are located in various locations for serving large corporations and they provide numerous services to the users seamlessly, without letting them know the location of the server from where data is sent. These networked hosts, which are deployed in different parts of the world, now play a significant role in surpassing the computing resources of traditional web hosting in order to deliver rich and high-quality multimedia content in a reliable and cost-effective way, particularly when content delivery networks such as BelugaCDN are used.

How Will CDN Hosting Help Your Business Improve?

There was a time when traditional web hosting had lorded over everything else that happened over the World Wide Web. There were several hosting companies that housed basic as well as corporate websites, which were purely static and comprised of small files that could be viewed and downloaded by users on the internet. But these days are long gone. Now, the internet has earned the reputation of being the central repository and delivery of personal, corporate and home multimedia content that has revolutionized education and entertainment. However, current technology and traditional web hosting is no longer capable of meeting the demands of websites

Benefits of Using CDN Hosting

There are a heap of advantages that can be related with BelugaCDN and other substance conveyance systems, which exceed whatever's conveyed by the servers of conventional web facilitating. Adjusted burden design and numerous areas of servers are choices of customary web facilitating. There is no point of disappointment in this framework. With the assistance of scattered store hub areas, customers in various pieces of the world can be served by web has from the nearest servers so as to offer site speeding up and diminish media transmission costs simultaneously.

Specifically, there are 6 main benefits: performance which reduces latency and minimizes packet loss, scalability which automatically scales up for traffic spikes, SEO improvement that benefits from Google SEO ranking factor, reliability from automatic redundancy between edge servers, lower costs that saves bandwidth with your web host, and security by mitigating DDoS or distributed denial of service attacks on edge servers.

The CPU utilization is maximized with BelugaCDN as load is distributed across several hosts and this provides the best performance by balancing bandwidth and flattening peak times. This content delivery network has the ability of handling and surviving views of millions of pages, real-time multimedia content delivery and thousands of concurrent downloads without putting any major stress on computing resources. Another important feature of BelugaCDN is that the quality of your data isn’t compromised when it is delivered in remote or far-off locations.

Differences Between CDN Hosting and Web Hosting

There are three main differences between Content Delivery Network Hosting and Web Hosting and these are listed below:

  • Web Hosting is used to host your website on a server and let users access it over the internet. A content delivery network is about speeding up the access/delivery of your website’s assets to those users.
  • Traditional web hosting would deliver 100% of your content to the user. If they are located across the world, the user still must wait for the data to be retrieved from where your web server is located. A CDN takes a majority of your static and dynamic content and serves it from across the globe, decreasing download times. Most times, the closer the CDN server is to the web visitor, the faster assets will load for them.
  • Web Hosting normally refers to one server. A content delivery network refers to a global network of edge servers which distributes your content from a multi-host environment.

How do CDN providers help speed up your site?

To better understand how CDN providers help widen your audience reach, it’s crucial that you understand exactly how CDN works. As stated above, CDN hosting allows webmasters to reduce physical distances between users and their web host origins. By tapping into a cluster of servers, a user is better able to obtain web content from their Edge server—meaning the server nearest them—as opposed to receiving that content from a web host origin which could be several continents away from them.

For instance, if a user is in Location A and their web host origin is in Location S, the user may obtain the web data from a server that’s in Location C. Doing so drastically shortens the request the user makes to the web host origin as it no longer travels as far of a distance. This is why CDN providers with Points of Presence (PoPs) where your website needs to be strongest in is critical as well. If you have a growing market in Germany, look for CDN providers that have locations near the country. If you’re noticing growing web traffic in Sydney, for example, look for CDN providers that are present in Australia, well.

If speed isn’t enough of a reason for you to look up CDN providers, you’d be delighted to know CDN hosting providers put a premium on web data security as well. For example, here in belugaCDN, we make use of a myriad of digital tools designed to properly and securely protect whatever content your website has. That way, you can be confident that your web data isn’t compromised, no matter where your digital audience is.

Why Cheap CDN may be the solution

Thinking that only expensive CDN providers deliver premium services is plain wrong. Given how diverse and dynamic that cloud content delivery has turned out, there’s sure to be a CDN provider for each business scale; cheap CDN just happens to be one of them. For smaller businesses and startups, for instance, cheap CDN is no short of a terrific CDN solution since many of these kinds of businesses' website demands may not be as complex yet. If you run a smaller business trying to scale to a larger audience, there’s also a huge chance the needs your website calls for aren’t as confusing and elaborate.

As a result, cheap CDN like us can very much rise to the challenge. But don’t take our word for it. Read our reviews and find out what our clients are saying about us.

Is CDN Hosting Better than Beluga CDN?

With BelugaCDN, which makes use of an IPV6 Network, you may be able to deliver 20–40% faster with its dual stack network. It can also provide real-time traffic statistics up-to-the-second so it is better than Github CDN in terms of updates. You can also easily delete specific content from any location in just a click. It is also user-friendly especially to developers who will most likely use this content delivery network. It has advanced settings, fine control, and automation via a restful API. Beluga CDN also has a myriad of tools to help secure and protect your content.

It also works like the Amazon CloudFront or Stackpath but only costs a quarter of their prices which allows you to accelerate the delivery of your site’s content by using the power of a global cloud.

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