Why CDN Performance Comparison Matters?

CDN Performance Comparison

There are plenty of reasons to shop for a Content Delivery Network (CDN). For one, the internet has turned into an endless pit where your website competes with literally every other brands website, even if you dont belong in the same industry. People are now migrating to the cloud and the digital space is only becoming stronger. Hence, if you run a website yourself, its best to come prepared. Know what CDN hosting aspects you need to consider. For starters, a CDN performance comparison is ideal. For the price youre willing to pay for, you get to assess which provider best meets your website needs.

A CDN performance comparison is integral for reasons that dont exactly need a lot of elaboration. Speed and security are two components every site should have and given that signing up with a provider calls for some extent of commitment, youre going to want to be sure that the CDN hosting provider you end up choosing is worth every buck you pay for.

How to Check CDN Performance Comparison?

There are a ton of ways you can go about this. A CDN latency test, for example, is one of them. While CDN providers have their own way of helping you examine how their CDN services fair, a third-party CDN latency test is often free from bias. A popular example is CDNPlanets CDN performance checker tool. What makes it popular for CDN shoppers isnt just the fact that it isnt owned by one specific CDN provider per se, it is CDNPlanets simplicity and ease of use that makes it stand out. When you visit their site, all youll need to do is to type in the URL of the web page you want to be checked and itll automatically run a CDN latency test.

If youre serious about a CDN performance comparison, this is a safe way to go. Often, reading reviews also helps. Find out what your business contemporaries are saying about the providers youre thinking of signing up with. Are the providers youre considering fair with prices? Do they have a great reputation for handling customer service requests and concerns? Are their rates reasonable? Do they make use of inventive technology? What are their locations? How fast do these providers transmit the kind of web data your website has? On top only of a CDN performance comparison test, there are a lot more questions you can and should ask about what a CDN provider can offer you. Know precisely what youre getting into.

Why Does Speed Matter in CDN Performance Comparison?

#1 Bad branding

Word travels fast in business. If your website naturally runs and loads slow, its more likely people wont return to your site. Especially more so today, people are wired to want everything fast. Studies also say anything that loads slower than 4 seconds is bad for business simply because not everyone waits that long.

#2 SEO ranking

The average website loading speed is one to three seconds. Anything longer than that is isnt going to help your website rank high with search engine optimization. Not too long ago, Google announced that it would no consider page speed when factoring in SEO ranking. The better your SEO score is, the more likely youll be found within the first few pages of a search request on a search engine. Slow-loading websites are almost immediately eliminated from this equation.

#3 Profit

A CDN performance comparison comes in even handier when you run an e-commerce business. The extra 3 seconds long its going to take for your site to load is crucial, especially when you sell things on the internet. When youre competing with already millions of websites in this space, you would want nothing else than to keep your audience glued to your site until they make a purchase. If your site loads slow, the chances are high people wont stick around. When enlarging photos and making bank transactions, speed is vital to retain engagement and interest. Its also basic psychology. The faster your website performs; the longer users will want to look around your site. In effect, this makes their probability of shopping more even higher.

#4 CDN hosting does wonders

This is where CDN hosting enters the picture. When you sign up with a CDN hosting provider, you expand not just your market reach but the availability and readiness of your website. People from all over the globe, or at least certain parts of it, will find that consuming media from your site is a breeze. When this happens, you confidently compete with every single website there is online.

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