CDN website hosting

CDN Website Hosting

Time has become a currency and not too many people can afford to wait. Even the shortest span of seconds can be costly. This proves to be even more true in the context of website speeds. Studies say that standard loading time is between 2 to 3 seconds. Anything longer than that can lead to a major loss of revenue. Thankfully for website owners and digital business leaders, Content Delivery Networks are here to save the day and a CDN website hosting could make all the difference in the world.

Imagine trying to make a purchase using your phone only for your app to crash. Or booking a movie ticket online only to get deducted but never actually score seats. These are only a few examples of what can happen when the website or phone app you manage doesn't use a website hosting for CDN. Among all the generations in the world, it is this time and age that demands speed with entitlement the most, and enterprises are required to catch up.

Here’s why CDN website hosting is essential

CDN providers help you expand your reach

If you run a business, being able to reach markets from across several oceans can help you tenfold. Whereas it’s more expensive to physically penetrate regions, learning how CDN works make it easy for you to communicate with buyers that you don’t share the same continent with. Some CDNs even allow you to run A/B testing to determine which ads and marketing strategies best resonate with your intended demographic.

Different CDN providers have different strengths and for you to find out which CDN company is best for you, you need to first know how CDN works. Then, find out which website needs your business calls for the most. This helps you narrow your list of CDN providers and arrive at a decision.

Understanding how CDN works lets you better understand your digital market

One of the most helpful features website leaders find with CDN providers is the capacity to better understand and examine analytics. CDNs not only relay your web data quickly, but they also offer valuable analytical insight, too. This makes you discover trends much easier and allows you to obtain better information about marketing tactics. Depending on your provider of choice, you’re also granted access to real-time statistics; so if you’re looking to view active regions, assets, and usage logs, doing so won’t be challenging.

Figuring out how CDN works also gives you a more meaningful perspective on how else you can more effectively optimize your website—all these are information that can be tedious and taxing to gather without CDN website hosting.

A CDN website hosting helps protect your data

Cyber-criminals are getting smarter by the day and websites that don’t have as many defense layers to secure them are more vulnerable. When you make use of a CDN website hosting, your web data receives added safeguarding. For instance, here at BelugaCDN, we use a myriad of tools to make sure your data isn’t compromised whatsoever. Should your web host origin be offline, you won’t have to worry, too. Our servers may cache them in advance giving the impression that it’s business as usual with your brand.

A CDN website hosting not only guarantees added layers of security but also guarantees consistent availability.

CDN providers can offer you data centers you thought you had no access to

One of the best things about CDN website hosting is that it allows you access anywhere in the globe—of course, this depends on which provider you select. While the idea that CDN providers with hundreds of servers are more promising is easier to believe, this isn’t always the case for every business. Many CDN providers have expensive rates and oftentimes, plenty of companies and solopreneurs realize late that they pay too much money for Points of Presence they don’t really need. In this case, a simple CDN is the best solution. For example, here at BelugaCDN, we have 28 Global Pops and 9 Super Pops. Admittedly, it’s not as many as the hundreds of other CDN providers have. But once you know which regions you need to be present in, you’ll realize that a cheap CDN can be the most suitable CDN website hosting for you. It’s also a major booster how we provide similar if not the same, CDN services much bigger CDN providers extend, but we offer them at more than half the price! Our pay-per-usage strategy is economical and benefits any company looking for competent CDN website hosting.

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