How to check CDN performance and why cheap CDN could be the best for you

CDN Performance

It’s important to stay on top of your game especially when your business lives in the digital space. But even when it doesn’t, making sure your website is at its best is crucial to guarantee that your site users are kept engaged and catered to. That’s why being able to examine your CDN performance now and then is vital. After all, the fundamental function of signing up with a CDN is to make sure your site speed is optimized.

There are plenty of reasons why website speed is impactful. Aside from giving your visitors the premium experience they deserve, fast-loading sites also improve SEO rankings—a coveted slot everyone else in your industry would fight for. That said, a CDN checker tool comes in very handy.

How to check CDN

There are various ways you can examine how your provider’s CDN performance is doing. You can load test original URLs, ask friends who are overseas to visit your website and tell you first-hand, track the number of origin number server trips, or simply use a third-party CDN checker tool.

The internet can provide you a lot of suggestions, but one of the most popular ones is CDNPlanet’s CDN checker. You simply copy-paste the URL of your website or the website you want to assess and it will show you the test result details almost immediately. This is perhaps the fastest way to check your CDN performance because the CDN checker does the leg work for you. In fact, it shows you a site’s locations, networks, and status, DNS, Connect, and TTFB findings after only a few seconds.

Taking the time to examine your CDN performance is integral because your branding is at stake. You’ll consistently want to make sure that you get what you pay for.

Is cheap CDN a potential indication of slow-loading websites?

The answer is a snappy and resounding no. How much you pay your CDN provider doesn’t determine the speeds they’re willing to provide you. Unless you’re talking about free CDN, commercially cheap CDN providers like us make sure that your website is optimized at all times, regardless of your plan with us. It’s easy to equate cheap CDN to bad service, but know that there are plenty of variables involved in CDN pricing. Hence, just because a cheap CDN is priced lower than many other leading CDN companies doesn’t mean you’re bound to get bad service.

In fact, a quick visit to our Trustpilot review page will show you a lot of happy customers who validate our competence and technology.

How to improve CDN performance

Once you’ve determined how your CDN performance is with a CDN checker tool, focus on continually improving your CDN performance. For reasons that don’t call for elaborate explanations, boosting your CDN performance only triples your chances to a more optimized website. A useful reminder is to move your web host closer to wherever your CDN provider is. Cheap CDN or not, don’t select a web host that’s distant from where your main demographic is. While CDN servers are extremely helpful, it still pays to keep your origin close to where most of your target market is.

If there is no way to do this, make sure to use an Origin Shield. This serves as an extra layer between your web host and CDN edge servers. For all intents and purposes, doing so hastens everything else in the process.

Another trick here is to always be mindful of the CDN instructions you set. Remember that web data stays for as long as you set it to. Many times, origin servers also have a huge say in how long your servers cache your web data. Don’t forget to keep tracking this as this plays an elemental role in how quickly your web data is transmitted to your users.

Why it’s time to use CDN

In case you missed it, numerous studies talk about how websites that take longer to load are more likely to lose money. Granted that there are thousands of other websites just like yours in your industry, people are more likely to stay on your site and engage with your brand if your site loads quickly. More and more statistics say that quick-loading websites are thrice as more likely to earn higher revenue than those who don’t.

The internet is an infinite space and competition has never been tougher. Digital brands like CNN, Youtube, Twitter, and Hulu are prime examples of websites that rely on CDNs the most. Your brand could use CDN, too.

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