Effective Use of CDNs: More Than Just Caching

Effective Use of CDN

So… you’ve probably heard of the effective use of CDN hosting to achieve business globalization like the way corporate bigwigs like Amazon and Google did. You’ve also probably informed yourself about the wonderful capabilities of a CDN, and are excited to try them out for your own use. CDNs have done great things for many organizations ever since the late 90s. How these edge servers bring content to almost any part of the globe has been harnessed by various companies, and how, there are many CDN providers out there willing to assist you with CDN hosting, so that whatever content you wish to push to be shared to any netizen, you’ll be able to do so thanks to the effective use of CDNs.

However, let’s bring this new awareness about CDN providers to a whole new level. While CDNs, can cache copious amounts of data to be delivered to any part of the world, these data can be anything: videos, images, audio, even simple productivity documents. However means you ask your CDN providers how you wish to use your CDN hosting service, you are free to forward any kind of data however you see fit. But an effective use of CDNs does not just center on pushing and pulling data per se. CDN providers can actually recalibrate your CDN hosting service to bring more specific CDN functions, that will aid you and your customers to a better service from CDN providers. Effective use of CDNs is the effective use of its capability to forward data, and more.

Image CDNs

CDN providers can turn your regular CDN into an image CDN. You may opt to use more than one CDN, with a specific one with calibrated CDN hosting to handle images and how they are cached and delivered to specific users. The effective use of CDN here is the capability of the image CDN to adjust how images appear on the website user’s browser or gadget. If images are too small for wide screens, they tend to pixelate. If images are to big for small screens, they might load improperly or not load at all. An effective use of CDN hosting in this case is the tweaking of the image CDN through CDN providers so that there's an emphasis in proper caching and sending of image data so that they will be adjusted to the user’s screen. CDN providers may give you this option, so that you can center effective use of CDN hosting to include vivid pictures on your website. For companies like AirBNB and eBay that require precise photos, effective use of CDN hosting means showing correct photos.

Video CDNs

On the other hand, another means of effective use of CDNs is through proper video hosting. CDN providers might ask you on what means you wish to achieve effective use of CDNs, and some companies would rely on using videos or live streaming, May it be instructional videos on how to use certain products, live video streaming of sponsored events, or simply creating any kind of video content, effective use of CDN hosting in this case is making sure that videos are delivered with crisp imagery. CDN providers may also tweak your CDNs so that live streaming is not only made possible, but also at a timely phase. Without an effective use of CDNs, live streaming won’t be delivered at a precise rate. Videos can still be streaming, but in truth the event is already over. Talk to your CDN providers if you wish to use your CDN for videos or live streaming, so that effective use of CDNs for videos is achieved.

Other CDN Types

Image CDNs and video CDNs are not the only means for you to enjoy an effective use of CDN hosting. CDN providers may also assist you in using traffic control CDNs to handle website activity, CDN firewalls to add a layer of protecting to your networks, and other means to deliver CDN hosting. But if you just want to use the basics and simply achieve effective use of CDNs through effective caching, that is something that CDN providers should have no trouble assisting you with. And speaking of assistance, hitting us up here at BelugaCDN with an inquiry in the effective use of CDNs will certainly start you out in this CDN journey. So go ahead and send us a message, and start exploring the many ways to attain an effective use of CDN hosting, however your or your enterprise sees fit.

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