Free Image CDN for Wordpress

Free Image CDN for WordPress

One study says that there now over four billion internet users in the whole world. That’s over 50% of the entire population! As a result, it’s never been easier for business leaders to pursue enterprises via the world wide web. Consumerism is on a whole other level, too. Because of the advent of the digital space, demands have shifted, as well. For instance, brands are now expected to have consistently ready websites. That said, one search phrase Google’s had to answer to is, “free image CDN for Wordpress.”

The online arena has become so expansive that CDN providers now take care of more than 50% of the internet. Website managers are now turning to their versions of the best CDN in their quest for digital domination. Hence, free image CDN for WordPress is a phrase plenty of web developers and digital marketing agencies have looked up on search engines. To start, free image CDN for WordPress is made up of three elements: image CDN, WordPress, and free CDN.

For this article, we’re going to discuss what free image CDN for WordPress actually is and how they all complement each other.

What does CDN mean?

Image CDN

As the name implies, image CDN concentrates on the delivery, optimization, and transformation of images. Feel free to refer to them as APIs for manipulating and being granted access to photos utilized on your website. For files loaded from a CDN such as this, an image URL reveals several things such as which image to load and parameters like quality, size, and format. This simplifies the creation of variations of pictures for several use cases.


As we all already know, WordPress is a content management system that’s been a crowd-favorite web host. What started as a site meant primarily for bloggers, now has transformed into a preferred web host of business sites, portfolios, online stores, and so much more.

Free CDN

On the other hand, free CDN is really just CDN that’s free. The best CDN providers usually have trial promos that don’t account for anything or have free CDN per se—this set-up, however, is limited and is best used only for websites that have very limited web pages.

So what exactly is free image CDN for WordPress? Naturally, people who’ve searched for this on Google are those that maintain websites that house a ton of photos. And because CDNs hasten speed and overall performance, the search phrase basically looks for CDN solutions that highlight CDN image.

What the best CDN providers have to say about this

Images are integral to any website. No one wants to access a site that’s purely text. logos, pictures, and even lettering all help to achieve a certain cohesive aesthetic websites are required to have. Otherwise, users are bound to leave a site immediately. There are plenty of CDN providers that extend free services, but as mentioned prior, these services are limited and may even compromise your data. What’s worse, you may not even be prioritized when you reach out to customer service, simply because you’re not a paying customer.

CDN is a complex matter because you’re extending your web data to a provider’s servers. Should something go wrong, it’s assuring to know you can turn to someone who values, not just your site but your overall brand as well. When you use a free CDN, you could be the last priority, given that any provider will always put their paying customers first.

So what workaround do CDN providers offer?

While free CDN isn’t intrinsically wrong or inherently damaging, it’s often better to sign up with an affordable provider that utilizes the pay-per-usage pricing scheme; this is because when you pay for your CDN services, you can hold teams accountable. You’re granted access to a professional team of back-office experts that are trained to fix your problems and listen to your concerns.

What is the best CDN?

The best free image CDN for Wordpress can vary depending on which provider you’re looking for, but the best CDNs are usually ones that provide transparent pricing, reliable customer services, and covers global reach. That said, the best CDNs don’t always have to be the biggest providers. Many times, the best CDN for your website and business is one that understands what your problems are, why you have those kinds of problems, and questions what the ways are to answer these inquiries and inconveniences.

In other words, the best CDN varies depending on business scale, market industry, and reach.

How to Use CDN For Images in WordPress?

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