Don’t Just Use Any Firewall: Use a CDN Firewall

CDN Firewall

Cybersecurity should be of topmost priority of any company who wishes to build a strong online presence. While information technology gathers more and more discoveries and upgrades current systems to be a lot smarter, so do lewd forces of the internet, such as hackers, malware, and viruses. While there are many means to combat these forces, a CDN firewall should be an option you should be taking.

But what is a CDN firewall? Isn’t it that there are other more common firewall options, and there are existing programs like anti-virus apps that are more user-friendly, and more familiar? Why go all the way to CDN providers, and pay for CDN hosting just to be able to utilize a CDN firewall, that will surely take a lot of time to get to know? While the idea of a CDN firewall sounds alien to many, it is a viable means to be protected from viruses, hackers, and so on. CDN providers will not only hand you over CDN hosting that will allow you to use the basics of a CDN, but will also include your systems to the CDN firewall capabilities of the edge server. Let’s list down some advantages of using a CDN firewall, how CDN providers can assist you making your CDN experience as cyber-safe as possible.

An Additional Security Layer

Many companies have availed of CDN hosting to improve the user experience of the company website. CDN providers use a multitude of edge servers to bring content to many potential website visitors, who can become customers of the enterprises that own the website. Through CDN hosting, companies like AirBNB and Netflix have reaped the rewards of bringing content closer and faster to the whole world. However, and added plus of this is the activation of a CDN firewall, which will protect the entire system of the CDN, including servers connected to it. CDN providers will not only bring the efficiency of a content delivery network, but also the security of all parties involved with CDN hosting.

The CDN will be handling traffic between your company’s home server, the CDN itself, and the end users who wish to access the company website, or any resource in the company server. CDN providers have programmed the CDN hosting capabilities of the edge server so that is identifies where the website visitor is, pulls data from the origin server, and delivers data to the website visitor. The website visitor doesn’t have to have interactions with the home server, moreover the actual files or storage of the company. This is thanks to the CDN firewall. The CDN firewall acts as another layer of security that halts those who wish to access the website, and brings the required data to the end user as needed. The CDN firewall’s function keeps the end user at bay, and will no longer allow any closer access to the company’s networks. CDN providers do not only provide efficient CDN hosting, but a safe CDN experience as well, especially for the company.

Know What Goes In and Out

The CDN firewall also recognizes entities that come in and out of the network. CDN providers are able to activate CDN hosting so that there the only “forces” that can enter the CDN network are allowed ones: website engineers, internal process auditors, and so on. However, it is automatic for CDN firewalls to reject any unauthorized users who wish to break in the system. WIthout a CDN firewall, any virus, malware, or hacker can go straight to the company networks. The CDN firewall is activated to stop lewd forces from coming in. CDN providers are familiar with how to activate CDN hosting so that it also monitors entities that “dwell” in the system, such as website visitors who are taking too much time in the system. Just as CDN hosting can direct visitors to specific CDNs for easier browsing, so can it reject the presence of any outside entity that has no recognizable business in the network. CDN firewalls are indeed a viable option for online security. CDN providers are heroes of online security, after all.

Availing of CDN hosting from CDN providers is already a plus, what more with the knowledge that a CDN firewall can assist you with online security. To know more about CDN firewalls, CDN hosting, and CDN providers, hit us up with a message here. We at BelugaCDN wish to share with you our passion for CDN hosting.

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