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Gridstack CDN

Two of the many things people look for when browsing the internet or using a mobile app are speed and functionality. If one component is missing, a user likely refers to this as an inconvenience. What good is functionality if it isn’t quick and how comforting does speed become if a user interface isn’t friendly? That’s what Gridstack CDN aims to target. The term is complex as it combines two entirely different elements in the digital space.

Gridstack is short for Gridstack.js. As its name implies, Gridstack CDN is originally part of the JS library family. This particular library is intended to aid developers in creating aesthetic, resizable, draggable, and effective bootstrap-friendly design architectures by using only a few code lines. Gridstack CDN, or gridstack.js as it’s really called, also allows you to come up with more advance grids, too. It allows users to easily follow through changes, arrange a sidebar of widgets, and so many more. Because the JS library is a best friend to many web developers and IT personnel alike, you can count on it to offer a ton of Gridstack options.

A CDN on the other hand, is a cluster of servers that are strategically distributed in various parts of the globe to better relay web data to internet users worldwide. Instead of website visitors obtaining web data from a site’s origin host, CDN providers make it easy for users to consume a site’s data through their nearest server—also referred to as an edge server. That way, latency is reduced and web content arrives users’ devices much more efficiently. Although CDNs make benefit nothing directly from Gridstack options, CDNs have proven to be incredibly effective in balancing web traffic.

Gridstack options: what else can I do with Gridstack CDN?

Clearly the biggest benefit of Gridstack CDN, meaning combining both components, is getting a seamless user interface that’s quick and speedy. This becomes extra useful to mobile app usage. According to the gridstack’s official website, these are the following things a developer can create with the widget layout:

  • Mobile support
  • Nested grids
  • Drag between multiple grids
  • Save/restore
  • Bootstrap-v4-friendly. external Angular, React, Knockout.js and more bindings
  • Pure JS can be used in any UI framework
  • Responsive layoutsdrag'n'drop from sidebar to insert/deleteplugin support for drag'n'drop (JQUI, with more to comeā€¦)
  • Draggable, resizable items

While Gridstack CDN per se isn’t an actual feature in itself, there are numerous guides online that thoroughly discuss how to integrate CDN with gridstack.js.

Is cheap CDN the solution?

Often, cheap CDN is overlooked by several clients simply because it’s easy to believe that cheap CDN doesn’t deliver. But it’s important to remember that different brands come in various scales. It’s also safe to say that pricey providers don’t always extend exclusive CDN services. A lot of times, depending on what your website, business, and apps need, cheap CDN is the best solution.

There are plenty of ways to determine whether or not cheap CDN is what’s best for your brand. One of the first things to consider is where your primary markets are. Which regions and countries do your dominant digital demographics come from? Once you’ve ascertained their locations, consider a provider’s locations, too. Where are their Points of Presence? Granted how dynamic the CDN market has turned out today, there is a strong possibility that even cheap CDN can help you reach your target audiences much easier.

Don’t be deceived by providers that have hundreds of PoPs around the world. Not every business needs their websites to strongly exist in every single part of the globe.

Factor in what kind of media your site has, too. There are several types of CDNs, and depending on which source you visit, you’ll get different answers. Essentially, some CDNs are designed to fundamentally cater to streaming video, either video-on-demand or live streaming. Other CDN providers are great when it comes to delivering dynamic content, meanwhile other providers excel most when extending only static web data.

As you can already tell, for smaller businesses and websites that demand only simple content delivery services, cheap CDN triumphs the most.

Are there enough Gridstack options for cheap CDN?

Because gridstack.js is part of the JS library, it’s able to service plenty of internet tools and technology. That being the case, cheap CDN shouldn’t be a hindrance to integrating your gridstack efforts to a CDN service. We understand that coding can be challenging for plenty of people. Should you have questions about how gridstack.js can complement our CDN, we’d love to talk to you! Our customer service team is always ready to help you out!

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