4 Major Reason Why ‘HTTP Proxy CDN’ Can Change How You Deliver Contents to Your Audience

Even if it's only seconds-long, have you noticed that when you visit a site for the first time, it takes longer to load?

But with your next visit, it loads faster compared to your previous, first-time visit?

Well, try visiting a website that you haven't visited before, and compare the page loading speed of your first and second visit. We're sure you can notice the difference even if it's only seconds long.

So, what's the reason behind this 'sudden' speed?

It's actually the work of what they call 'HTTP Proxy'

What is HTTP Proxy CDN?

HTTP Proxy is a more secure and advanced version of HTTP. It provides more speed, examines web traffic and potentially dangerous content that may cause serious problems for your end-users.

By being more time-efficient and secure, it makes a lot of sense for your CDN hosting to have this kind of precautionary measure.

With your global audience waiting for your next big content, the last thing you want to happen is to expose them to cyber-attacks that lurks between you and them.

So, your CDN hosting provider must utilize an HTTP proxy CDN to ensure that you can provide a better service for your audience.

An HTTP proxy CDN can also wrap versatile protection on servers from an unexpected external attack.

If you're looking for the best CDN for your website, have a thorough look at the different CDN providers in the market and see if they support an HTTP proxy CDN.

These Are the Top Benefits You Can Gain From an 'HTTP Proxy CDN'


HTTP Proxy CDN can help your audience cache your site, which then the servers store so it can be used when they visit your site again and have a faster loading time.

It is so helpful that users won't feel any delays at all when they visit your site again.


With the help of an HTTP proxy CDN, it protects your users' 'digital imprints' that can be used by hackers to have access to their most sensitive data.

It's not just about having a CDN hosting provider that has the most features, it’s also about having a service that truly delivers tangible benefits.

With an HTTP proxy CDN, users can clearly feel its benefits every time they connect on a website to visit and interact with it.

By having an HTTP proxy CDN, the information of your users will not be logged on your website.

Instead, your website would log their IP address on the HTTP proxy CDN, making your users anonymous, untraceable, and safe from cyber hackers.


HTTP proxy CDN unloads the heavy demands from the origin or what they call the backend server.

With that, it can bring down the high costs of bandwidth that is directly connected in serving rich contents to your numerous visitors.


Newer versions of CDN hosting services have a traffic capacity that doesn't just rival but blasts through the average capabilities of the present enterprise network.

When talking about a self-hosted website, even with its advantages, it is still prone to be disrupted by denial of service attacks or the more frequent distraction --- traffic peaks.

But with an HTTP proxy CDN, servers are protected from these risks which ensures the smooth flow of your content delivery operations.

Also, servers that are under HTTP proxy CDN can be amazingly stable during peak traffic.

That’s how amazing an HTTP proxy CDN can be, both for your business and website.

Now, Let’s Jump on A Quite Different Topic, Shall We?

When talking about a reliable CDN hosting provider, being the best CDN is not all about being the most feature-rich.

The truth is ...

A CDN hosting provider doesn't just have to be feature-rich; it also has to be within reach.

An advanced CDN hosting provider is surely a welcome product, but if it's too pricey, then not all who wish to leverage its capabilities may afford it.

With that, the potential of that CDN hosting service to change the industry can be hampered.

But BelugaCDN, a provider of affordable CDN hosting services, proved that advanced features shouldn't always be equated with a high price.

What makes this CDN hosting provider one of the best CDN services in the market today is the fact that it can provide most of the features of other CDN providers - while being more affordable than them.

BelugaCDN only costs ¼ of the average price of the top CDN providers in the market, which makes it one of the best CDN hosting providers today.

Let's have a quick look at the top features of this CDN hosting service:

  • IPV6 Network
  • Live Video
  • Vide on On-Demand
  • Instant Purging
  • Transfer speed rate limiting
  • Byte range request support
  • Real-Time Traffic Statistics

This CDN hosting provider is not just about being affordable; it's also about delivering impressive CDN hosting performance that people needs.

It can execute game delivery, Ad serving, web acceleration, and software distribution.

Just like any CDN providers, it also has a built-in DDoS, website protection, and enterprise-grade features.

On top of that, this CDN hosting provider has very responsive tech support that can quickly deploy solutions to your tech-related needs.

One of the main reasons why it can go head to head with other CDN providers is that it has a versatile infrastructure that consists of 28 global PoPs as well as 9 super PoPs that are placed in different parts of the world.

It can even rival the global reach of other CDN providers.

Through its infrastructure, it proves that it's a CDN hosting provider that really cares about getting your content closer to your audience no matter how far they are.

As you can see, since we're talking about being (better) here, just what like what we've mentioned about HTTP proxy CDN, then maybe it's a good idea to mention a CDN to match...

One that really deserves the title of being … better.


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