Top Cloud Storage CDN in the Market

Cloud Storage CDN

Gone are the days when our much-needed files are locked in a single device; now, we can access them on any device that we want - in real-time through the Cloud technology.

Today, more and more cloud-based services continue to make their presence in the market, including cloud CDN Service Provider.

These content delivery services are crucial when you want to deliver your content in different parts of the world as fast as possible.

As people’s attention span gets shorter and shorter by the day, seconds-long latency may mean a permanent loss of customers.

With this, a truly reliable content delivery service is needed by your website.

But the question is, with so many content delivery services to choose from, which of them has the most reliable delivery network and features that your website truly deserves?

Let’s find out.

#1 BelugaCDN

BelugaCDN has a wide delivery network that consists of 28 global PoPs and 9 super PoPs strategically placed in various parts of the world. With that, there’s no doubt that it is, indeed, a cloud storage CDN that can highly perform.

This content delivery service also provides very detailed insights through its real-time traffic statistics.

Also, just like other content delivery services in the market, it does its part to provide flexibility in your budget.

This cloud storage CDN has a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ payment scheme that gives a thick cushion against upfront costs that can certainly hit your budget hard. That’s why a lot of web owners prefer this content delivery service.

Following its payment scheme is its free CDN that equips your website with generous amounts of internet traffic --all at zero cost.

But aside from all these offerings, what sets this cloud storage CDN apart from other content delivery services is how affordable it is.

“How affordable?” you might ask.

This content delivery service only cost ¼ of its competitors’ average price while delivering most of its high-performance features. It’s a deal that, obviously, not every content delivery services are willing to offer.

Here are the other things that this google cloud CDN can offer:

  • Full dual-stack network (IPv4 + IPv6 everywhere)
  • Pseudo-streaming (progressive streaming), byte-range requests support
  • Only delivery of the HTTP video streams
  • Free SSL/TLS on customer domain
  • Real-time log streaming
  • Transfer speed rate limiting
  • Instant purging
  • Token authentication

Also, the reason why BelugaCDN is considered one of the best cloud storage CDN in the market is because of its very responsive technical support team.

Without a doubt, this content delivery service ensures that it can deliver solutions to its customers as efficiently as possible through its tried and tested delivery network.

#2 BunnyCDN

This content delivery service is well aware that even a few seconds of latency is enough to lose your precious customers. With this, it uses the NVMe and SSD technology to put a plug on these delays and maintain milliseconds of latency as much as possible.

It also has an 18Tbit + backbone to bring the most effective performance that a content delivery service can provide to its customers.

One of the most notable things with this cloud storage CDN is it can be reached in different parts of the world in a record-breaking 30 milliseconds, with the help of its efficient delivery network.

It is also preparing you for the future because this cloud storage CDN is HTTP/2 and Brotli ready, and these are the technologies that will be widely adopted in the future.

The other thing that BunnyCDN can execute is to monitor your traffic through its real-time monitoring dashboard.

It can also block or redirect IPs or countries in cheaper regions.

As we can see, BunnyCDN has been all out in using a high-performance delivery network and technologies to bring the best content delivery service that a cloud storage CDN can provide.

That’s why it never fails to be included in any lists of the best-performing cloud storage CDN services in the market. Well-deserved, indeed.

#3 StackPath (Formerly MaxCDN)

This content delivery service is all geared up to compete with its fellow cloud storage CDN providers in delivering the most efficient cloud CDN service in the market.

By having a wide delivery network that spans across North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand, it is indeed serious about being among the top players in the CDN arena.

Here’s a quick look at what this cloud storage CDN can deliver:

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Free Private EdgeSSL Certificate
  • EdgeEngine Serverless Scripting
  • Custom Rules Creator
  • Segmented Downloads
  • Protection from DDoS attack
  • Purging cache, view reports and set up locations
  • Load balancing and blocking
  • Purging cache, view reports and set up locations

Also, it’s a cloud storage CDN that sincerely wants to connect with its customers and deal with their queries or anything related to their content delivery services.

They have very responsive and helpful 24x7 support that can be reached through phone, chat, and ticket support, all at zero cost.

StackPath knows that what makes content delivery services great is not only an efficient delivery network and technology but the expression of sincereness to their customers.

With this, StackPath is continuously being pushed upwards as one of the most competitive cloud storage CDN in the market today.

#4 Sucuri

With its reputable background in the security field, this cloud storage CDN is well-equipped to protect your website from hackers, DDoS attacks, and malware.

When it comes to infrastructure, this cloud storage CDN has a wide delivery network that consists of 10 SuperPoPs in the USA, Europe, Asia, and placed 2 CDN PoPs in Australia and Brazil.

It’s a cloud storage CDN that doesn’t just focus on security, but on a strong delivery network as well, to bring one of the best content delivery services in the market.

Let’s have a quick look at the other things that Sucuri has to offer:

  • Improves website speed by up to 70%
  • Unlimited Bandwidth for all plans
  • High availability and redundancy
  • 24/7 availability of its support team
  • HTTP/2 Support
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Efficient Web Uptime

Also, this content delivery service doesn’t just focus on one solution to improve your website. It finds other ways, too.

Like its caching solutions, it delivers various types of caching solutions for different websites to bring the most efficient solutions that a content delivery service can provide.

With all these things mentioned above, it is crystal clear that this cloud storage CDN is serious about competing with other CDN services as one of the top content delivery services in the market.


Now that we’ve seen the top cloud storage CDN services in the market, we can see that they are all geared up to bring the best features for us.

Website owners would surely love these content delivery services because, without a doubt, they are all well-equipped and can surely improve their website’s performance.

But it appears that they would love these cloud CDN services even more if they can get them at a lower price. And with this, waiting might be the best thing they can do.

The CDN market is filled with the best features, but it appears that web owners want to see “best prices” as well.

As a response, BelugaCDN presents itself as an alternative strong choice that can deliver most of the high powered features of its competitors -- at only ¼ of its price.

No one is surely prohibiting you from trying out other content delivery services, but it’s your choice whether you let this deal pass up, or take it to full advantage.

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