Insight and Perspectives for Content Delivery Networks

Insight and Perspectives for Content Delivery Networks

The modern world is interconnected via the Internet. The main presence of organizations and even some individuals on the internet is their websites.

If you are a website owner, whether as an owner of a personal blog or an enterprise with a big e-commerce store, if you have ambitions of having a presence that extends outside the US or Canada, then you need a CDN solution.

A CDN solution can help you deliver your web content faster and farther than doing it on your own.

How? Here are some insight and perspectives for content delivery networks that you might want to know.

What is CDN?

Before we get insights and perspectives on content delivery networks, let’s define it first.

Content delivery networks or CDN solutions refer to a third-party provider service that helps your website extend its reach while helping your website’s pages load faster.

It does this by solving the problem of latency. Latency refers to the time it takes for a web page to load from the time a web visitor tried to access or open it.

How do CDNs solve the problem of latency?

CDNs solve the problem of latency through a series of CDN servers that are spread out across the globe.

These CDN servers, also called Point of Presence (PoP) servers, store a cached version of the website’s web pages including all its elements including text, image, videos, and even JavaScript files.

Normally, a web request to open a certain web page goes to the host origin server. The host origin server then responds to the request by delivering the web page elements to the visitor’s device browser.

However, proximity to the server affects request transmission speed. The farther away from the host server the visitor is the linger the transmission travel, which also means slower loading speed. Not to mention that when there is too much traffic, the host origin server can also be overloaded and it can lead to slow loading speed or website failure.

With CDNs however, web requests are instead sent to the nearest PoP server, which in turn will deliver the cached version of the web page to the visitor. This shortens the distance traveled by the web request.

Insight and Perspectives for Content Delivery Networks – What are the Advantages of CDN Services?

By signing up to a CDN provider, you are equipping your website with different advantages that can help it expand its reach. That includes

Optimized Web Content Delivery

Aside from having web requests sent to the nearest PoP server for faster response and web content delivery, the top CDN providers also support compression of files and data. This allows web content elements to be sent faster to the user’s device because of the smaller footprint. Also, because of this, loading web pages will require less bandwidth.

Capacity to Handle High Volume of Traffic

Without CDN servers, all web requests from all over the world will fall on your host origin server. If you have a high volume of visitors, this can overwhelm your host origin server can cause your website to fail to load. CDN servers can help you out with this problem by simply having multiple servers to handle large capacities of traffic. As a result, traffic is more spread out so that the server is not overburdened with traffic.

Reliability even when the host server is down

Most CDN services have almost 100 percent uptime service level agreements (SLA), which means that they are always up and running. As a result, when your host server is down, your CDN’s PoP servers are still up and responding to web requests by sending the cached copy of your web pages to your website visitors.

Security against DDoS attacks

One of the most common forms of web attack is DDoS. What happens is that unscrupulous parties try to overwhelm your host server with unverified traffic (usually through bots) so that the website will go down. Aside from the ability to handle large amounts of traffic, top CDN providers have mitigating tools against different forms of attacks including support to different authentication certificates.

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