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Free CDN Online

Whether you are an owner of a small website or if you are running a big e-commerce store, it is important that you provide your web visitors a fast web experience. This is especially true if you plan to extend the reach of your website globally.

However, the elements that make a website interactive and beautiful can also be a deterrent to achieving fast loading times. Heavy content, plugins, images, and videos are big downloadable items that can take time to load.

This is especially true if the user is halfway around the world because they are too far from the origin host server.

The best solution for this problem is to employ a reliable CDN service. However, you don’t want to choose the first CDN service you find when you do a Google search. Fortunately, you can try a free CDN online for 30 days before deciding if you will continue subscribing to the service.

Free CDN Online – Why You Need a CDN service?

If you plan to have an extended reach without sacrificing website load speed, then a content delivery network service is the solution for you.

Without it, your website will be thoroughly dependent on your origin server and it will lead to problems for your website.

First, by extending your reach, you are also trying to target people who are not within the proximity of your host server. Web page requests that come from locations that have significant distance from your origin server may experience some high latency because the distance the request will have to travel will be longer than usual.

Second, by extending your website’s reach, you are also trying to get more traffic. This is good if your host origin server can handle all that traffic. However, too much traffic can overburden your origin server and it can lead to not only slow loading times but website failure as well.

Not to mention that with heavy downloadable elements on your website, it will take a lot of bandwidth to get them to load.

Add all these, and you have a recipe for bad web experience. If your livelihood is dependent on your website, this is not acceptable.

Fortunately, CDNs can solve this problem.

How Content Delivery Network Can Help Your Website?

Content delivery networks work by keeping a cached version of your web pages in strategically located servers around the world.

These servers extend the reach of your website by taking in the web page request that is within their proximity. They then deliver the cached version of your web page to the website visitor.

This makes the travel of the requests shorter and quicker. Also, I decongest the origin server of too much traffic.

Other Benefits of CDN

Aside from extending your reach, your website will enjoy these benefits as well:

Optimal web page delivery

CDN services are designed to help accelerate the delivery of your web pages to your website visitors. It does this by optimizing the elements of your web pages and by pulling from sources with the shortest route. As a result, visitors who visit the page do not need significant internet bandwidth to download even big-ticket items like video and images.

Security from DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service is a type of web attack where malicious parties launch unofficial traffic to the host origin server to overwhelm it and cause it to fail. The best CDN services like Beluga CDN have mitigating tools including TSL certificates and other traffic authentication tools that protect your website from DDoS and other forms of web attacks.

Help you Rank in Google

Also, since you are getting a faster loading website, it will help boost your ranking is Google as well. Page load speed is one of the most important ranking factors in Google. By making your pages load faster from anywhere in the world through CDN, you are also making your website more visible in Google search results.

Free CDN Online – BelugaCDN Free Trial

As one of the top CDN providers in the industry, BelugaCDN is not only dedicated to helping websites reach their full potential in terms of speed and reach but also to help all website owners access CDN services.

To do this, BelugaCDN launched one of the most competitive plans and pricing in the market, which starts as low as just $20 per month.

The best part is that you can give it a test run for 30 days. Check out for more information.

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