Transparent CDN Caching: A New Option

Transparent CDN Caching

Transparency, in information technology, is the open knowledge of all parties of how certain processes happen, by all parties meaning all entities involved, from end users to facilitators of the process. It can also refer to free access to data without too many restrictions, meaning any party can simply go to the source of data to procure it. In the realm of content delivery (through transparent CDN caching), data transparency comes in the form of caching or placing data in more accessible areas, perhaps in closer servers or cloud storage, so that end users can use these data even without having to go online.

Beyond the functions of usual CDN hosting, transparent CDN caching will allow end users, may it be website visitors or coworkers and business partners wishing to work on certain projects, to access specific files, apps, or websites without having to be connected to the Internet. Through transparent CDN caching, accessibility is given a different dimension. The different yet special means of caching presented by transparent CDN caching also ups the ante for CDN hosting, as caching does not have to be activated 24 hours a day, and end users are left with enough means to still do what they want to do, without the necessity of being online all the time. But, is transparent CDN caching for you? Is this kind of CDN hosting appropriate for how you want to serve your customers, coworkers, and business partners? Explore what transparent CDN caching can do for you, and how you can utilize it for an alternative experience for you and all end users of CDN hosting.

Specific Functions Stay Useful

Through transparent CDN caching, all end users can be informed of what files have been cached, and what functions are made available through the edge server. This way, there is clear functionality between the CDN hosting provider and the users they wish to serve directly (the party that availed of transparent CDN caching) and indirectly (the website visitors, the company’s employees, and/or their business partners). This way, everyone can plan out how different functions will play. CDN hosting will still work in the sense that the usual caching of data will happen, but in the event that it might not be as functional as always, specific data has been pre-cached, and thus will not disrupt how website visitors wish to experience the website, or how company employees and partners wish to do their business. If certain apps are to be powered through cached files, through transparent CDN caching, these apps will work without problems. If the website will utilize files and functions, such as video streaming and comments sections, these can still happen even if the CDN is busy caching for other functions, thanks to transparent CDN caching. Talk to your CDN hosting providers on how else transparent CDN caching can aid productivity and functionality of the company website and other file servers through transparent CDN caching, so that the experience of the company and the people they work with will stay streamlined as possible.

Contingency Options

Transparent CDN caching is also a great way to create contingency plans. With the assignment of which files will be uploaded to select servers or cloud storage units through transparent CDN caching, CDN hosting providers will inform you of what can be accessed without internet connection. This way, if the CDN cannot function properly, perhaps because of poor caching, security concerns, or other unforeseen circumstances, the website can still work, and files needed for productivity are placed in servers that can provide access to these said files. Transparent CDN caching is a good way for CDN hosting to still be useful despite emergencies. There are more reasons for you to look into transparent CDN caching, and ask your CDN hosting providers about it.

While transparent CDN caching is only one topic when it comes to CDN hosting, knowledge about it and other features of CDN hosting can help you in other aspects, whether you need transparent CDN caching or other capabilities of CDN hosting. Hit us up at BelugaCDN to be further informed about the wonders of CDN hosting, and the many features it can offer to you, aside from transparent CDN caching.

After all, CDNs are the “transparent” backbone of the World Wide Web. Even before transparent CDN caching became a thing, CDNs have been catered through CDN hosting providers to assist many enterprises and the customers they serve, so that the online experience remains uninterrupted. If you avail of CDN hosting services, good for you. If you raise the stakes and go for transparent CDN hosting, you could just be improving the end user experience, which could mean well for your enterprise goals.

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