Why the Best CDN Software Can Come from a Cheap Provider

Best CDN Software

Given how crowded the world wide web has become, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have helped keep the digital space together. With the advent of CDN, internet users no longer have to consume web data from web host origins. Edge servers have stepped up and browsing has become a breeze. And why wouldn’t it? Considering that CDNs host more than half of the internet, it’s become a lot easier to access a whole lot of media. If you run a site yourself, the question now is which provider has the best CDN software? Should you even buy CDN in the first place?

This article will explore the many reasons why it might be time for you to sign up with a provider, why the best CDN software could be insanely cheap, and what variables you should factor in on your CDN comparison chart.

The best CDN software could depend on what your site needs

First off, it’s important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to technology. This proves to be truer when it comes to defining what the best CDN software is for you. Before we talk about what you should consider when you buy CDN or what things should be prioritized in a CDN comparison chart, let’s discuss how the content delivery technology works.

Understand that every website is managed by a web host. That said, when someone visits your website and accesses your content, they continually consume your data from the web host origin where your content is stored. If your site is fairly small and not too many people visit it, that’s fine. But when your site generates a good amount of traffic, know that a web host origin will not be able to effectively cater to all of your website users. While web hosts have improved tenfold, they’re not built to transmit a site’s content to thousands and millions of users simultaneously. They store your content, yes. To an extent, they make sure your data is protected, too. But when you’re talking about the efficient distribution of your web content, that’s something else—and this is where CDNs enter.

When your site is supported by the best CDN software, or really just any CDN for that matter, your web data is stored in a multitude of servers that are strategically dispersed in several Points of Presence around the globe; Tokyo, Washington DC, Sydney, depending on the provider you sign up with, your web content no longer just lays around in your web host origin. They can be stored in your CDN’s many servers in advance. This makes visiting your web pages a lot better for your users because they no longer have to consume your media from your origin host—which could be continents away from where they are. When you have the best CDN software, your visitors get to access your website from their nearest assigned server.

What to consider before you buy CDN

Because latency reduction is the first thing you’d want to be noticeable in your site, locations should be among your highest priorities when coming up with a CDN comparison chart. Consider a provider’s locations. But be reasonable and rationale, too. Don’t get carried away by the hundreds of data centers a provider may have. The truth is, you’re not going to need every single one. Find out which countries and regions you’d want to invest PoPs in and find out if cheaper providers have them, too. You’d be surprised by how smaller providers are catching up. For example, here at BelugaCDN, we have 28 Global PoPs and 9 SuperPoPs. Should you have simple CDN initiatives, we’re sure to meet your needs.

Find out about customer service, too. Before you buy CDN, consider a provider’s customer service terms. What’s their schedule for taking calls? Do they have a responsive email team and chat department? What are their hours? What packages grant you access to premium customer service treatment. All these things matter gravely. Don’t forget that once you sign up with a CDN, your content is now cached in their servers. Should anything go wrong, your CDN should be held accountable. Find out where their back-office support is located, too. Do they outsource their client support agents or do they have in-house experts?

Lastly, before you buy CDN, consider transparent pricing, as well. Several providers extend customized quotes per client so don’t be afraid to shop around. Many times, the very services these giant providers have aren’t exclusive to them. There’s a high chance you can get the exact CDN services at an exponentially cheaper price.

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