CDN Servers: Possible Concerns and Ways to Handle Them

What are the Possible Concerns and Ways to Handle CDN Servers?

Any ambitious enterprise owner would like to have their company known across the globe. There are many means to do that, like social media and online advertising. For others, there is great significance in catering your company’s services to a wide audience, and one way to do that is through CDN servers. CDN hosting (content delivery network hosting) is a viable means to extend the reach of company websites that include means and ways to avail of various services. This is the same technology used by globally-successful companies, like Amazon, Google, AirBNB, and Netflix. With CDN servers’ useful technology of strategic caching and coordinating remote website visitors to enterprise servers make CDN providers the heroes of company globalization.

But of course, diving straight into availing of CDN hosting is not the way to go. CDN providers will have to present their case to you, like prices and specific service inclusions. You also have to do research on what are CDN servers and what is CDN hosting. Presented here are a few concerns you might have before availing of CDN providers, and ways to counteract them. Hopefully, after reading this article, your confidence in availing CDN hosting from CDN providers would have increased.


Not all enterprise owners are well-informed when it comes to technology; what more if they are to enter a technically-challenging endeavor such as CDN hosting. It will be expected that CDN providers will throw in new jargon that might confound company heads.

Also, the whole system will sound Greek to any person who is new to the idea of CDN servers. Creating an “edge server”, linking these CDN servers to home servers, rerouting data through caching… these wordings can induce headaches to the uninformed. Are you ready to put on a layer of complexity to your already-complex networks?

The Workaround

The simplest thing to do: ask. CDN providers should be open enough to simplify explanations if they are really hell-bent at being chosen to build CDN server architecture. What you can do is to talk to CDN providers to guide you through as the process commences. Scheduled meetings and open communication can also help you understand the system further. CDN hosting progress reports can also help you see how the CDN servers are performing. CDN providers owe it up to you to keep you informed with CDN hosting know-how, so that their relationship with your company will continue for a long time.


Internet security is a foremost concern with regards to any endeavor relating to online surfing. Using a CDN server might sound like putting your company website in more opportunities for malware and hackers to terrorize your company’s databases. With the intelligence of these cyber-crooks improving by the second, CDN hosting just might be your ticket to massive DDoS attacks, like it did to Wikipedia. Are you actually putting your company at risk through CDN servers?

The Solution

CDN providers are very much informed with security risks of putting your content online. They should understand these risks like the back of their hand, and are surely equipped with their own means to be protected from the evils of cybersecurity. You can also ask help from CDN providers so that network security of your own company’s servers can also protect CDN servers and other files connected to CDN hosting. You can also count on CDN providers to take charge of internet security 24/7, and alert you if security risks are about, then intercept them right then and there. CDN servers are still deemed safe. CDN hosting is not really means to expose your enterprise to attacks, unless CDN providers will let it happen.


Since CDN hosting is a new company endeavor, it will entail some spending on your behalf. How much will it take away from your budget? Aside from professional fees for expert CDN providers, rental of their equipment and maintenance of the CDN servers will have to spent on. Will CDN hosting really be that expensive?

The Options

The great news is that there are budget options, even free ones, if you really wish to incorporate CDN servers into your company operations. Most CDN providers, like BelugaCDN, have a set of packages that your company can choose from. The similarity with all those packaged? All of them give the very basics of CDN hosting, and more depending on the price bracket you chose. Open-source CDNs may come for free, on the other hand. With ample knowledge in coding, perhaps from your existing IT team, you can use free CDNs as your CDN servers. There are also free trail options wherein CDN providers can let you use their CDN servers for a short time, to let you see if your company really needs CDN servers.


So there you have it! These inputs can help you further in deciding if CDN servers is what your enterprise truly needs. What’s good is that is doesn’t hurt to try CDN hosting out. Just talk to your CDN providers on how this can happen.

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