Wordpress Use CDN To Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Website

WordPress use CDN

Wordpress websites use CDN to make sure that your visitors stay on your website for longer. Websites now are dynamic. As such they have lots of resources to load. Loading all these resources from a single server takes some time. A busy website will take longer to load, causing its visitors to search for another website.

To load the many resources faster, website owners seek the services of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). These is a large network of servers located in different parts of the world. A website owner loads pages of the website to the CDN. When a visitor to the website seeks a particular page, the CDN server closest to them delivers it. Enhancing the speed of website loading and keeping website visitors on the website, minimizing bounce rate.

Over time, website visitors have become more impatient. Websites that load in more than 3 seconds are abandoned by 40% of their visitors. Making a CDN an important service to have for every website owner.

Other Benefits For Your Wordpress Website Using A CDN

Helps SEO Ranking

Search engine optimization is the process of making your website a darling of the search engines. Search engines like website that are liked by people. People visit a website more time the more helpful it is.

Search engines also monitor how long people stay on a website. IF your website is slow, it will be abandoned in three seconds. If it loads fast, and has useful content, your visitors will stay longer. This will enhance its SEO and thus improve ranking on search engine results pages.

A CDN will help improve the speed of your website, which keeps more visitors on the website. This helps with your website’s SEO ranking.

Improve Website’s Ability to Handle Traffic

Many times, when websites crash when they are faced with a sudden traffic increase. With a CDN, this is unlikely to happen. IF a particular CDN is overwhelmed by traffic, your website can load from any of the remaining servers. Making your website crash proof or crash resistant.

Improves Security

In addition to its already established security protocols, your Wordpress websites uses a CDN to enhance its security. A Distributed Denial of Service attack on your website will not succeed when you have a CDN.

With the enhanced capability to handle traffic, a DDoS will not push your website offline.

Minimize your Bandwidth Usage

Using a CDN helps to minimize how much server resources you use. With a CDN helping your visitors from all over the world access your website, then your original website server doesn’t have much work to do. Thus, you make a lot of savings on your server use that you can transfer to paying for your CDN.

Do I Need A CDN for My Wordpress Website

Wordpress is the most popular Content Management System, with many websites running on it. IF you have a global target for your website, you can be sure that you will need a Wordpress CDN. A CDN will help improve user experience on your website in addition to all the other benefits.

If your website offers lots of video and other dynamic content, you will definitely need a CDN. This will help these resources to load faster. Keeping visitors on your website.

If you are targeting a certain region with your website, you don’t need to use a CDN. You can get a website hosting service within your target location. You will also not need to use a CDN before your website starts to get lots of traffic. Also, if you can’t afford to pay for the service you don’t have to use a Wordpress CDN.

What Is The Best CDN For Wordpress Website?

Beluga CDN is the best CDN to use for Wordpress website owners. First it is highly affordable. Compared to other CDN providers, Beluga CDN offers exceptional service at a fraction of the prevailing market prices. Helping your websites save costs on its server and its CDN provider.

With over a decade of existence, your website is secured and fast with Beluga CDN. You also have a 30 day free trial period and a pay-as-you-go model you find anywhere else.


As a Wordpress website owner, try Beluga CDN to improve your visitors’ user experience and to enhance the speed of your website. Consider using a CDN to improve your SEO ranking and to handle the growing traffic on your website. With an affordable CDN, you can keep your business online at a low cost.

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