How Best CDN for eCommerce Will Make Your Store Reachable to Everyone?

Best CDN for eCommerce

When you have an ecommerce store, it is important that your visitors have a pleasant experience while navigating your website. Web visitors have a short attention span. If your web elements, especially your product images, takes a while to load, your web visitors will simply lose interest and move on from your website.

That is what you call churn and you do not want that. The problem is that you do not know how to solve the problem. You cannot do an ecommerce store without the appropriate images because they help you sell your products.

However, you also recognize that these images and other heavily downloadable elements of your website are slowing down your load time and are affecting web experience especially for those that are not within proximity of the host origin server.

Fortunately, the Best CDN for eCommerce websites is here to help you out.

What is Content Delivery Network? And Use of Best CDN for eCommerce?

Content delivery network is a type of service that solves the problem of latency for websites. Latency refers to the time it takes for a web visitor to make a request to open a particular page on your website to the time the request is received and responded to by delivering the elements of the page requested so that it loads on the web visitor’s computer or device.

Traditionally, all web requests go to the same server, which is the host origin server. The origin server receives and responds to all web requests wherever it is coming from, even from halfway around the world.

The problem with this setup is that when the web visitor is too far from the origin server, the request’s travel also takes more time due to distance. In addition, when the host origin server receives too many requests, it can get overburdened. Both of these scenarios can lead to slow loading times and even website failure.

That is not acceptable for people who are running an ecommerce website. Their sales conversion is heavily reliant on providing customers fast and convenient web experience and a high rate of availability. If the eCommerce website misses on either point, and it will result in churn.

This is where content delivery network or CDN comes in.

How Does It Work to Deliver Best CDN for eCommerce?

Through a series of strategically located servers, which are called Point of Presence (PoP) servers, CDNs are able to extend your eCommerce website’s reach and provide a faster web experience to your visitors.

These PoP servers store a cached version of your web page elements, which includes the HTML, CSS code, and of course, images.

When a web visitor wants to open a specific page, they make a request through their browser. Instead of going directly to the origin server, the request is instead sent to the nearest PoP server, which in turn will be the one to deliver the requested web page, elements and all.

This solves the problem of proximity as web requests from devices faraway devices no longer have to travel the lengthy IP transmission road to the origin server. The nearest PoP server can instead serve them.

Also, by taking over these requests, the origin server is no longer overburdened by too much traffic since the PoP server is taking on a lot of the web requests.

What Benefits Can You Get from Content Delivery Networks?

High-Performance eCommerce Website

With one of the best CDNs, your eCommerce website will be optimized for speed so that customers will have the best experience whenever they visit your website. Aside from optimizing it for speed, CDNs also reduce the bandwidth it takes to load your website elements, including images. In fact, you can even set different paths for your web elements so that the CDN can pull from the nearest and fastest source.

Global-reaching eCommerce Website

Your website will also have a wider reach because customers who visit your website from the other side of the globe will have the same fast experience as those within the proximity of the origin server. With a service that is fast wherever the customer is, your website is ready to make a sale anytime.

Google Ranking Pages

One of the top-ranking factors of Google is fast load speed. With everything equal, your eCommerce website will be ranked higher than your competitor if you have a faster website.

The Best CDN for eCommerce Websites is Also the Most Affordable

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