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Website development is a long and tedious process. Front-end developers especially need a good grasp of languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure that the websites they develop are both functional and attractive

As web development has grown and evolved, there has been an increasing need to save on time by eliminating certain coding processes. This has led to the development of libraries for different languages.

jQuery UI CDN libraries can then be installed in an ongoing web development task, to ease the development process by allowing the developer to use fewer lines of code to finish their work.

What is jQuery UI CDN?

One of the most popular front-end development libraries is jQuery. It is a JavaScript library, that enables developers to write less code to come up with a functional website with an attractive user interface in as little time as possible.

From jQuery, a front-end development framework was developed and is known as jQuery UI CDN. UI here meaning user interface.

To use jQuery, developers have two methods they can use. The first method involves downloading it onto their website folders from where they can link it to the website, for it to be useful.

jQuery UI CDN

This method is simple. However, it may lead to a slow loading website which may result in poor user experience and higher bounce rates as website visitors prefer fast loading websites.

CDN is a technical abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. A CDN is a network of servers that distribute information to websites. A jQuery UI CDN therefore enables developers to use jQuery in their websites without having to install it in the website’s folder.

How to use jQuery UI CDN Link on your website

Since we have seen the jQuery download method in use, let us know to see the second method that developers can use to install jQuery into their websites.

This is the jQuery CDN method. In this method, web developers do not need to download jQuery files into their local hosts, rather, all they need to do is link their website to the jQuery CDN.

To do this successfully, all a developer needs is the link script and they have jQuery JavaScript libraries on their website.

There are several methods that you can use to get the jQuery UI link script. One of the most popular and commonly used is the jQueryUI CDN Google script. It looks like this:
 <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.12.1/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui.css”>
 <script src=”https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.12.1/jquery-ui.min.js”></script>

Fix this script onto the head of your HTML and you will easily access all the functions and capabilities of jQuery UI via CDN.

Besides the Google script, one can also use the Microsoft version of the jQuery UI CDN.

Best jQuery UI CDN in 2021

For many front-end developers, this question can only be answered in the affirmative. Yes, jQuery is still relevant in 2021.

Started in 2006, jQuery ensured that many websites could easily load, and, be useful to its visitors in an era when there were many challenges on the internet. It made it possible for website visibility regardless of the search engine once used.

Over the years, JavaScript has evolved and matured. More libraries and APIs have been developed that can do all the things that jQuery does and even more and that are suitable for different projects.

Another aspect of jQuery that has kept it relevant as long as it has is that it is regularly updated. This ensures that it keeps up with the trends in web development to ensure that it is as reliable as it has always been over the years.

Learn how to use jQueryUI

Based on jQuery, jQueryUI is a popular mobile first front-end development framework. Like jQuery, it is based on JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Using it ensures that developers can work quickly and accurately.

The main features of this framework are widgets, effects, interactions and utilities. These ensure that you can create an attractive user interface and a functional, easy to use, and load website.

jQueryUI is easy to maintain and has clear and comprehensive documentation. Being an open source product, it is free to use and the final product will be supported by all browsers.

Further, you can easily access a jQueryUI tutorial and learn for free.

Benefits of jQueryUI

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One major contributor to well-optimized websites is the fact that they are compatible with mobile. Search engines, Google especially have had mobile-first for a decade now as a major ranking factor.

jQueryUI is a mobile-first framework and thus, it will be much easier for websites developed with it to get well optimized for search engine results pages straight from development.

Still, on SEO, jQuery contains numerous plugins that enable developers to develop a well-optimized website.


When you use the jQuery CDN script, rather than downloading the whole file into the website folder, you develop an easy-to-load website.

Visitors to your website will find that it loads faster and with ease. This encourages more visitors to stay longer on your website and engage with your content and even buy from you.

Also, a fast loading website is an essential requirement for better optimization and high rankings on search engine results pages.

Easy to learn

jQuery tutorials are easily available on the internet. The only major requirement to learn how to use this framework, is to have some prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

To use jQuery, you can download it onto your ongoing project, or just use the CDN link to have it on your website.

Cross browser compatibility

Prior to the growth of JavaScript to its current levels, many websites could load differently on different websites. However, with jQuery, they were able to load consistently across all browsers.


jQuery is widely used by numerous developers. First and foremost because it is free and also because it is simple to use. It is an open source library that is supported by a large community of developers. This community also helps to keep it updated and keeping up with the trends in the programming and web development world.

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Features of jQuery

jQuery consists of features that made it a leading front-end library. Its main features include; capability to manipulate HTML and Jquery UI CSS CDN. It also contains animations and effects and was Ajax compatible. Additionally, it contains plugins for numerous tasks.

All these features and more, made jQuery the front runner for other libraries and the development of JavaScript as front-end development language for modern websites and applications.

Widely used

Due to its ease of use and its early capability for cross browser compatibility, jQuery was and still is widely used. It is used by large companies such as Microsoft and Google.

Even with advancements in JavaScript programming, jQuery remains a popular library that supports legacy websites and is used as a plugin in contemporary libraries such as Bootstrap.

Easy to use

This ensures that developers are able to use less code in web development. For this reason, it is described as a write less, do more library. This helps developers save time when carrying out programming projects.

Its ease of use made it a highly popular JavaScript library and became the most used over other libraries that were in existence before it.

Paved the way for the growth of open source projects

At the time that jQuery was developed, there were different open source projects. However, jQuery focused on being easy to use. As such, it well written and clear documentation which was easy to read and understand. Other open source projects and libraries left developers to figure out for themselves how to work with them.

As it grew in popularity for its simplicity, many other open source libraries followed suit and created easy to read and understand documentation.

It surpassed many other javascript libraries for this one feature as web developers relied more on tools that made work easier for them.

Consistently updated

jQuery is regularly updated to be consistent with modern standards of web development. However, very little change occurs in its functionality. This is to show that it was well and conclusively written from the beginning. Also, it easily blends with JavaScript code without causing any conflicts.

Use of CDN has made it compatible with mobile web

Mobile devices are small and have little memory space and do not hold stable internet connections. jQuery on the other hand, is a large file that when fully downloaded into a website folder will cause the website to be too large for a mobile device.

A jQuery CDN makes it possible for developers to create websites without having to download the whole jQuery library. This makes the website lighter and easier to access on a mobile device.


The jQuery CDN is an important feature for the front-end development of all websites. It helps make websites lighter and easier to load, enhancing the user experience on your website. Get jQuery CDN for your website for a better experience to your website visitors.

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