Customer Spotlight: AirVuz.com

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In 2017, users bounce if content takes more than 3 seconds to load. So if you are delivering high-bandwidth content like streaming video, you need a CDN to make that happen in all geographical locations, all of the time. Not only that, but you need one that is easy to set up, has strong, available customer service, and proven performance.

Take AirVuz, a company with a unique offering: they compile and host videos taken by drones on their platform, which was created for both drone enthusiasts and professionals. We spoke to their CTO, Marty Euerle, who described the site as a “YouTube or Vimeo just for drone videos.” If you’ve ever wondered what becomes of the many videos shot by our “unmanned aerial vehicle” friends (aka drones), a lot of them have the potential to end up on AirVuz; sharing live coverage of newsworthy events, extreme sports, tourism and other categories.


That’s a lot of video content, and Euerle knew early on that a reliable, high-performance IPv6 Content Delivery Network (CDN) was going to be crucial in handling their video traffic. They first turned to Amazon CloudFront, as many companies do, but they found that it got expensive… quickly. Looking at AirVuz’s growth patterns, they realized that from a cost standpoint, any CDN they used would absolutely have to be on par with the speed and delivery performance they needed. Amazon was falling short on this front, so they started looking for another CDN provider.

The first step was to find a few CDN options and run each one through their development requirements. They looked at each candidate to see what it would take to modify their code to be able to implement the CDN, see what developer tools each one offered, and get an idea of the support and distribution of the platform. Happily, BelugaCDN not only passed all their performance tests, it also surpassed their customer service expectations. So far, they’ve only had one performance issue since signing on with us in December 2016, and it was handled quickly.

“It was really easy to do a conversion over to BelugaCDN, and we were able to monitor the conversion effectively with available tools, plus the cost was really hard to beat,” said Euerle.

Since using BelugaCDN, AirVuz has quadrupled their uploads and are managing 10x the number of users. That’s some impressive growth!

Euerle is looking forward to watching these numbers continue to grow: “Even when we were doing the initial evaluation of whether or not it would be a good fit, we got great responses when we experienced an issue. BelugaCDN is very proactive (even sending “how’s it going” emails early in the process) about sussing out problems or areas of improvement. It’s been a great experience.”

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