Customer Spotlight: ClutchPrep.com

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Speed of video streaming is absolutely essential to a company providing on-demand video tutorials for college students. We’re talking about Clutchprep, an education company that helps college students pass their classes with a series of online video courses. Videos match actual college textbooks, so they are meaty in content and large in bandwidth. With several thousand active users per week, Clutchprep faced a challenge early on: finding a reliable CDN that could handle their heat.

Storing video content on S3, Clutchprep originally turned to Amazon Cloudfront. But they found the customer service to be lacking whenever they had problems, when things were not working right. Not only that, they couldn’t even get a hold of anyone to get an explanation. All of the issues were around video streaming. Considering this is the #1 way their customers access their content, this wasn’t going to fly.

Clutchprep needed a high-performance IPv6 Content Delivery Network (CDN) to see tangible results in their video streaming speed, so they made the move to Beluga in May 2017.

Co-founder and CTO, Alain Fontaine, liked the quick sign-up process and ease-of-use:

“It’s so easy to use – we signed up through BelugaCDN.com, connected our S3 accounts to them, and started serving videos that way. My favorite part so far has been the customer service – BelugaCDN has been very helpful and responsive. Whenever there’s an emergency that comes up, they get back to me quickly. We’ve had no issues delivering videos.”

Beluga’s low CDN Plans has been a win as well, and Fontaine cites it as one of the key selling points:

“The price is very competitive. Otherwise, the cost of goods (videos) for us would be extremely high to stream…”

By using BelugaCDN, Clutchprep reduced their bandwidth bill, virtually eliminated video buffering, and increased video stream time – enabling them to service their thousands of monthly active users without breaking a sweat. We’re sure a few more students passed their classes thanks to Clutchprep and BelugaCDN!

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