Customer Spotlight: Pokellector.com

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In today’s on-demand world, page speed matters. The difference between your page loading now and 3 seconds from now correlates directly with a visitor’s decision to interact with your page, sign up for an account, make a purchase from your store, or leave and never return.

Implementing a high-performance IPv6 Content Delivery Network (CDN) is one of the best and easiest ways to yield tangible speed improvements for your website, store, or blog. Best of all it takes 5 minutes to set up, and the results are instant.

Let’s take a look at Pokellector.com, a personal project from Marcus Frasier (LinkedIn), CEO of Idle Media. By utilizing BelugaCDN to serve the largest, most bandwidth-demanding objects of his website, Marcus reduced his page load times by as much as 43%!

Based on speed tests conducted using Pingdom.com (a website performance monitoring service), Pokellector.com loaded a whopping 1 second quicker in New York, 0.36 seconds faster in Dallas, Texas, and 0.51 seconds faster in San Jose, California.

Customer Spotlight Pokellector

The above results were achieved within 5 minutes of creating an account with BelugaCDN.com — “a fairly quick integration” says Marcus.

A CDN works like a website “multiplier”. In Marcus’ case, it took his site’s images and immediately made copies of them on all BelugaCDN edge-nodes around the world (in key cities like Chicago, Miami, Amsterdam and Frankfurt).

Doing so brought those image files closer to his end-users, minimizing network hops and latency, and overall reducing the time it takes for data to travel and reach his visitors (i.e. if you shorten the distance data needs to travel from the hosting server to the user’s desktop or mobile device, you reduce the time it takes for the page to load).

Marcus’ next step is to move his entire site — including the images, css and javascript — onto the CDN, which will reduce load times even further and also minimize resource usage on his origin server.

“Pokellector.com wasn’t slow to begin with,” adds Marcus, “but taking a few minutes to make it even faster was a no-brainer.”

Interested in seeing what BelugaCDN can do for your company? Get a free trial and find out for yourself!

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