BelugaCDN Features
10 Sep

BelugaCDN becomes the World’s First Fully-Featured IPv6 Content Delivery Network

Internet users are an increasingly demanding group, and understandably so. They expect high quality and fast, uninterrupted delivery of website content. Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology provides this – so why is it utilized by so few websites? Download speed matters. You’re streaming a film or downloading a chunk of data, when everything suddenly freezes.

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High Performance CDN
26 Aug

Why Your Website Needs Content Delivery Network (CDN) Technology

This press release was originally distributed by ReleaseWire Miami, FL – 09/09/2016 – BelugaCDN.com, a provider of high-performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, today becomes the first fully-featured IPv6 Content Delivery Network. The CDN service features a dual stack IPv4 + IPv6 network for both small and large objects, allowing customers to reach more users,

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